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2 Corinthians 3:3 (IGNT)
  3 G5319 (G5746) φανερουμενοι Being Manifested G3754 οτι That G2075 (G5748) εστε Ye Are G1992 επιστολη Epistle G5547 χριστου Christ's, G1247 (G5685) διακονηθεισα Ministered G5259 υφ By G2257 ημων Us; G1449 (G5772) εγγεγραμμενη Having Been Inscribed, G3756 ου Not G3188 μελανι With Ink, G235 αλλα But G4151 πνευματι With "the" Spirit G2316 θεου Of God "the" G2198 (G5723) ζωντος Living; G3756 ουκ Not G1722 εν On G4109 πλαξιν Tablets G3035 λιθιναις Of Stone, G235 αλλ But G1722 εν On G4109 πλαξιν Tablets G2588 καρδιας Of "the" Heart G4560 σαρκιναις Fleshy.
Hebrews 9:4 (IGNT)
  4 G5552 χρυσουν A Golden G2192 (G5723) εχουσα Having G2369 θυμιατηριον Censer, G2532 και And G3588 την The G2787 κιβωτον Ark G3588 της Of The G1242 διαθηκης Covenant, G4028 (G5772) περικεκαλυμμενην Having Been Covered Round G3840 παντοθεν In Every Part G5553 χρυσιω With Gold, G1722 εν In G3739 η Which G4713 σταμνος " Was The " Pot G5552 χρυση Golden G2192 (G5723) εχουσα Having G3588 το The G3131 μαννα Manna, G2532 και And G3588 η The G4464 ραβδος Rod G2 ααρων Of Aaron G3588 η That G985 (G5660) βλαστησασα Sprouted, G2532 και And G3588 αι The G4109 πλακες Tablets G3588 της Of The G1242 διαθηκης Covenant;