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1 Timothy 5:13 (IGNT)
  13 G260 αμα   G1161 δε And Withal G2532 και Also " To Be " G692 αργαι Idle G3129 (G5719) μανθανουσιν They Learn, G4022 (G5740) περιερχομεναι Going About To G3588 τας The G3614 οικιας Houses; G3756 ου   G3440 μονον   G1161 δε And Not Only G692 αργαι Idle, G235 αλλα But G2532 και Also G5397 φλυαροι Tattlers G2532 και And G4021 περιεργοι Busy Bodies, G2980 (G5723) λαλουσαι Speaking G3588 τα Things "they" G3361 μη   G1163 (G5901) δεοντα Ought Not.