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Strong's G696

From ἀργός argos (shining); silver (the metal, in the articles or coin)

KJV Usage: silver.

Acts 17:29 (IGNT)
  29 G1085 γενος Offspring G3767 ουν Therefore G5225 (G5723) υπαρχοντες Being G3588 του Of G2316 θεου God, G3756 ουκ We G3784 (G5719) οφειλομεν Ought Not G3543 (G5721) νομιζειν To Think G5557 χρυσω Of Gold G2228 η Or G696 αργυρω To Silver G2228 η Or G3037 λιθω To Stone, G5480 χαραγματι A Graven Thing G5078 τεχνης Of Art G2532 και And G1761 ενθυμησεως Imagination G444 ανθρωπου Of Man, G3588 το That Which "is" G2304 θειον Divine G1511 (G5750) ειναι To Be G3664 ομοιον Like.
James 5:3 (IGNT)
  3 G3588 ο   G5557 χρυσος   G5216 υμων Your Gold G2532 και   G3588 ο And G696 αργυρος Silver G2728 (G5769) κατιωται Has Been Eaten Away, G2532 και And G3588 ο   G2447 ιος Their Canker G846 αυτων Their G1519 εις For G3142 μαρτυριον A Testimony G5213 υμιν Against You G2071 (G5704) εσται Shall Be, G2532 και And G5315 (G5695) φαγεται Shall Eat G3588 τας   G4561 σαρκας   G5216 υμων Your Flesh G5613 ως As G4442 πυρ Fire. G2343 (G5656) εθησαυρισατε Ye Treasured Up G1722 εν In "the" G2078 εσχαταις Last G2250 ημεραις Days.
Revelation 18:12 (KJV_Strongs)
  12 G1117 The merchandise G5557 of gold G2532 , and G696 silver G2532 , and G5093 precious G3037 stones G2532 , and G3135 of pearls G2532 , and G1040 fine linen G2532 , and G4209 purple G2532 , and G4596 silk G2532 , and G2847 scarlet G2532 , and G3956 all G2367 thyine G3586 wood G2532 , and G3956 all manner G4632 vessels G1661 of ivory G2532 , and G3956 all manner G4632 vessels G1537 of G5093 most precious G3586 wood G2532 , and G5475 of brass G2532 , and G4604 iron G2532 , and G3139 marble,
Revelation 18:12 (IGNT)
  12 G1117 γομον Lading G5557 χρυσου Of Gold, G2532 και And G696 αργυρου Of Silver, G2532 και And G3037 λιθου Of Stone G5093 τιμιου Precious, G2532 και And G3135 μαργαριτου Of Pearl, G2532 και And G1040 βυσσου Of Fine Linen, G2532 και And G4209 πορφυρας Of Purple, G2532 και And G4596 σηρικου Of Silk, G2532 και And G2847 κοκκινου Of Scarlet, G2532 και And G3956 παν All G3586 ξυλον Wood G2367 θυινον Thyine, G2532 και And G3956 παν Every G4632 σκευος Article G1661 ελεφαντινον Of Ivory, G2532 και And G3956 παν Every G4632 σκευος Article G1537 εκ Of G3586 ξυλου Wood G5093 τιμιωτατου Most Precious, G2532 και And G5475 χαλκου Of Brass, G2532 και And G4604 σιδηρου Of Iron, G2532 και And G3139 μαρμαρου Of Marble,