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Exodus 22:6 (IHOT)
  6 H3588 כי If H3318 תצא break out, H784 אשׁ fire H4672 ומצאה and catch H6975 קצים in thorns, H398 ונאכל be consumed H1430 גדישׁ so that the stacks of corn, H176 או or H7054 הקמה the standing corn, H176 או or H7704 השׂדה the field, H7999 שׁלם shall surely make restitution. H7999 ישׁלם shall surely make restitution. H1197 המבער he that kindled H853 את   H1200 הבערה׃ the fire
Judges 15:5 (IHOT)
  5 H1197 ויבער And when he had set H784 אשׁ on fire, H3940 בלפידים the brands H7971 וישׁלח he let go H7054 בקמות into the standing corn H6430 פלשׁתים of the Philistines, H1197 ויבער and burnt up H1430 מגדישׁ both the shocks, H5704 ועד and also H7054 קמה the standing corn, H5704 ועד with H3754 כרם the vineyards H2132 זית׃ olives.
Job 5:26 (IHOT)
  26 H935 תבוא Thou shalt come H3624 בכלח in a full age, H413 אלי to H6913 קבר grave H5927 כעלות cometh in H1430 גדישׁ like as a shock of corn H6256 בעתו׃ in his season.