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Leviticus 6:10 (IHOT)
  10 H3847 ולבשׁ shall put on H3548 הכהן And the priest H4055 מדו garment, H906 בד his linen H4370 ומכנסי breeches H906 בד and his linen H3847 ילבשׁ shall he put H5921 על upon H1320 בשׂרו his flesh, H7311 והרים and take up H853 את   H1880 הדשׁן the ashes H834 אשׁר which H398 תאכל hath consumed H784 האשׁ the fire H854 את with H5930 העלה the burnt offering H5921 על on H4196 המזבח the altar, H7760 ושׂמו and he shall put H681 אצל them beside H4196 המזבח׃ the altar.
1 Samuel 17:39 (IHOT)
  39 H2296 ויחגר girded H1732 דוד And David H853 את   H2719 חרבו his sword H5921 מעל upon H4055 למדיו his armor, H2974 ויאל and he attempted H1980 ללכת to go; H3588 כי for H3808 לא he had not H5254 נסה proved H559 ויאמר said H1732 דוד And David H413 אל unto H7586 שׁאול Saul, H3808 לא I have not H3201 אוכל   H1980 ללכת go H428 באלה with these; H3588 כי for H3808 לא   H5254 נסיתי proved H5493 ויסרם put H1732 דוד And David H5921 מעליו׃ them off
2 Samuel 20:8 (IHOT)
  8 H1992 הם When they H5973 עם at H68 האבן stone H1419 הגדולה the great H834 אשׁר which H1391 בגבעון in Gibeon, H6021 ועמשׂא Amasa H935 בא went H6440 לפניהם before H3097 ויואב them. And Joab's H2296 חגור was girded H4055 מדו garment H3830 לבשׁו that he had put on H5921 ועלו unto H2290 חגור   H2719 חרב a sword H6775 מצמדת fastened H5921 על him, and upon H4975 מתניו his loins H8593 בתערה in the sheath H1931 והוא thereof; and as he H3318 יצא went forth H5307 ותפל׃ it fell out.
Job 11:9 (IHOT)
  9 H752 ארכה thereof longer H776 מארץ than the earth, H4055 מדה The measure H7342 ורחבה and broader H4480 מני than the earth, H3220 ים׃ the sea.
Psalms 109:18 (IHOT)
  18 H3847 וילבשׁ As he clothed H7045 קללה himself with cursing H4055 כמדו like as with his garment, H935 ותבא so let it come H4325 כמים like water, H7130 בקרבו into his bowels H8081 וכשׁמן and like oil H6106 בעצמותיו׃ into his bones.