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Psalms 5:10 (IHOT)
  10 H816 האשׁימם Destroy H430 אלהים thou them, O God; H5307 יפלו let them fall H4156 ממעצותיהם by their own counsels; H7230 ברב in the multitude H6588 פשׁעיהם of their transgressions; H5080 הדיחמו cast them out H3588 כי for H4784 מרו׃ they have rebelled
Psalms 81:12 (IHOT)
  12 H7971 ואשׁלחהו So I gave them up H8307 בשׁרירות lust: H3820 לבם unto their own hearts' H1980 ילכו they walked H4156 במועצותיהם׃ in their own counsels.
Proverbs 1:31 (IHOT)
  31 H398 ויאכלו Therefore shall they eat H6529 מפרי of the fruit H1870 דרכם of their own way, H4156 וממעצתיהם with their own devices. H7646 ישׂבעו׃ and be filled
Hosea 11:6 (IHOT)
  6 H2342 וחלה shall abide H2719 חרב And the sword H5892 בעריו on his cities, H3615 וכלתה and shall consume H905 בדיו his branches, H398 ואכלה and devour H4156 ממעצותיהם׃ , because of their own counsels.
Micah 6:16 (IHOT)
  16 H8104 וישׁתמר are kept, H2708 חקות For the statutes H6018 עמרי of Omri H3605 וכל and all H4639 מעשׂה the works H1004 בית of the house H256 אחאב of Ahab, H1980 ותלכו and ye walk H4156 במעצותם in their counsels; H4616 למען that H5414 תתי I should make H853 אתך   H8047 לשׁמה thee a desolation, H3427 וישׁביה and the inhabitants H8322 לשׁרקה thereof a hissing: H2781 וחרפת the reproach H5971 עמי of my people. H5375 תשׂאו׃ therefore ye shall bear