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Judges 10:12 (IHOT)
  12 H6722 וצידונים The Zidonians H6002 ועמלק also, and the Amalekites, H4584 ומעון and the Maonites, H3905 לחצו did oppress H853 אתכם   H6817 ותצעקו you; and ye cried H413 אלי to H3467 ואושׁיעה me, and I delivered H853 אתכם   H3027 מידם׃ you out of their hand.
1 Samuel 23:25 (IHOT)
  25 H1980 וילך went H7586 שׁאול Saul H376 ואנשׁיו also and his men H1245 לבקשׁ to seek H5046 ויגדו And they told H1732 לדוד David: H3381 וירד wherefore he came down H5553 הסלע into a rock, H3427 וישׁב and abode H4057 במדבר in the wilderness H4584 מעון of Maon. H8085 וישׁמע heard H7586 שׁאול And when Saul H7291 וירדף he pursued H310 אחרי after H1732 דוד David H4057 מדבר in the wilderness H4584 מעון׃ of Maon.
1 Samuel 25:2 (IHOT)
  2 H376 ואישׁ And a man H4584 במעון in Maon, H4639 ומעשׂהו whose possessions H3760 בכרמל in Carmel; H376 והאישׁ and the man H1419 גדול great, H3966 מאד very H6629 ולו צאן sheep, H7969 שׁלשׁת and he had three H505 אלפים thousand H505 ואלף and a thousand H5795 עזים goats: H1961 ויהי and he was H1494 בגזז shearing H853 את   H6629 צאנו his sheep H3760 בכרמל׃ in Carmel.