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Isaiah 54:11 (IHOT)
  11 H6041 עניה O thou afflicted, H5590 סערה tossed with tempest, H3808 לא not H5162 נחמה comforted, H2009 הנה behold, H595 אנכי I H7257 מרביץ will lay H6320 בפוך with fair colors, H68 אבניך thy stones H3245 ויסדתיך and lay thy foundations H5601 בספירים׃ with sapphires.
Hosea 13:3 (IHOT)
  3 H3651 לכן Therefore H1961 יהיו they shall be H6051 כענן cloud, H1242 בקר as the morning H2919 וכטל dew H7925 משׁכים and as the early H1980 הלך that passeth away, H4671 כמץ as the chaff H5590 יסער is driven with the whirlwind H1637 מגרן out of the floor, H6227 וכעשׁן and as the smoke H699 מארבה׃ out of the chimney.
Jonah 1:11 (IHOT)
  11 H559 ויאמרו Then said H413 אליו they unto H4100 מה him, What H6213 נעשׂה shall we do H8367 לך וישׁתק may be calm H3220 הים unto thee, that the sea H5921 מעלינו unto H3588 כי us? for H3220 הים the sea H1980 הולך wrought, H5590 וסער׃ and was tempestuous.
Habakkuk 3:14 (IHOT)
  14 H5344 נקבת Thou didst strike through H4294 במטיו with his staves H7218 ראשׁ the head H6518 פרזו of his villages: H5590 יסערו they came out as a whirlwind H6327 להפיצני to scatter H5951 עליצתם me: their rejoicing H3644 כמו as H398 לאכל to devour H6041 עני the poor H4565 במסתר׃ secretly.
Zechariah 7:14 (IHOT)
  14 H5590 ואסערם But I scattered them with a whirlwind H5921 על among H3605 כל all H1471 הגוים the nations H834 אשׁר whom H3808 לא not. H3045 ידעום they knew H776 והארץ Thus the land H8047 נשׁמה desolate. H310 אחריהם after H5674 מעבר them, that no man passed through H7725 ומשׁב nor returned: H7760 וישׂימו for they laid H776 ארץ land H2532 חמדה the pleasant H8074 לשׁמה׃ was desolate