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Nahum 3:10 (IHOT)
  10 H1571 גם Yet H1931 היא she H1473 לגלה carried away, H1980 הלכה she went H7628 בשׁבי into captivity: H1571 גם also H5768 עלליה her young children H7376 ירטשׁו were dashed in pieces H7218 בראשׁ at the top H3605 כל of all H2351 חוצות the streets: H5921 ועל for H3513 נכבדיה her honorable men, H3032 ידו and they cast H1486 גורל lots H3605 וכל and all H1419 גדוליה her great men H7576 רתקו were bound H2131 בזקים׃ in chains.