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Leviticus 6:5 (IHOT)
  5 H176 או Or H3605 מכל all that H834 אשׁר about which H7650 ישׁבע he hath sworn H5921 עליו he hath sworn H8267 לשׁקר falsely; H7999 ושׁלם he shall even restore H853 אתו   H7218 בראשׁו it in the principal, H2549 וחמשׁתיו the fifth part H3254 יסף and shall add H5921 עליו more thereto, H834 לאשׁר it unto him to whom H1931 הוא it H5414 לו יתננו give H3117 ביום   H819 אשׁמתו׃ of his trespass offering.
Deuteronomy 19:18 (IHOT)
  18 H1875 ודרשׁו shall make diligent inquisition: H8199 השׁפטים And the judges H3190 היטב shall make diligent inquisition: H2009 והנה and, behold, H5707 עד the witness H8267 שׁקר a false H5707 העד witness, H8267 שׁקר falsely H6030 ענה hath testified H251 באחיו׃ against his brother;
Psalms 31:18 (IHOT)
  18 H481 תאלמנה be put to silence; H8193 שׂפתי lips H8267 שׁקר Let the lying H1696 הדברות which speak H5921 על against H6662 צדיק the righteous. H6277 עתק grievous things H1346 בגאוה proudly H937 ובוז׃ and contemptuously
Psalms 35:19 (IHOT)
  19 H408 אל Let not H8055 ישׂמחו rejoice H341 לי איבי them that are mine enemies H8267 שׁקר wrongfully H8130 שׂנאי that hate H2600 חנם me without a cause. H7169 יקרצו over me: let them wink H5869 עין׃ with the eye
Psalms 38:19 (IHOT)
  19 H341 ואיבי But mine enemies H2416 חיים lively, H6105 עצמו they are strong: H7231 ורבו are multiplied. H8130 שׂנאי and they that hate H8267 שׁקר׃ me wrongfully
Psalms 63:11 (IHOT)
  11 H4428 והמלך But the king H8055 ישׂמח shall rejoice H430 באלהים in God; H1984 יתהלל by him shall glory: H3605 כל every one H7650 הנשׁבע that sweareth H3588 בו כי but H5534 יסכר shall be stopped. H6310 פי the mouth H1696 דוברי of them that speak H8267 שׁקר׃ lies
Psalms 69:4 (IHOT)
  4 H7231 רבו are more H8185 משׂערות than the hairs H7218 ראשׁי of mine head: H8130 שׂנאי They that hate H2600 חנם me without a cause H6105 עצמו are mighty: H6789 מצמיתי they that would destroy H341 איבי me, mine enemies H8267 שׁקר wrongfully, H834 אשׁר which H3808 לא   H1497 גזלתי   H227 אז then H7725 אשׁיב׃ I restored
Psalms 119:78 (IHOT)
  78 H954 יבשׁו be ashamed; H2086 זדים Let the proud H3588 כי for H8267 שׁקר with me without a cause: H5791 עותוני they dealt perversely H589 אני I H7878 אשׂיח will meditate H6490 בפקודיך׃ in thy precepts.