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Strong's H8703
Stem -Hithpoel See { [H8823]}
Mood -Imperative See { [H8810]}
Jeremiah 46:9 (IHOT)
  9 H5927 עלו Come up, H5483 הסוסים ye horses; H1984 והתהללו and rage, H7393 הרכב ye chariots; H3318 ויצאו come forth; H1368 הגבורים and let the mighty men H3568 כושׁ the Ethiopians H6316 ופוט and the Libyans, H8610 תפשׂי that handle H4043 מגן the shield; H3866 ולודים and the Lydians, H8610 תפשׂי that handle H1869 דרכי bend H7198 קשׁת׃ the bow.