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Acts 17:5 (KJV_Strongs)
  5 G1161 But G2453 the Jews G544 which believed not [G5723]   G2206 , moved with envy [G5660]   G2532 , G4355 took unto them [G5642]   G5100 certain G4190 lewd G435 fellows G60 of the baser sort G2532 , and G3792 gathered a company [G5660]   G2350 , and set all G4172 the city G2350 on an uproar [G5707]   G5037 , and G2186 assaulted [G5631]   G3614 the house G2394 of Jason G2212 , and sought [G5707]   G71 to bring [G5629]   G846 them G1519 out G1218 to the people.