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Judges 19:22 (Webster_Strongs)
  22 H3820 Now as they were making their hearts H3190 [H8688] merry H582 , behold, the men H5892 of the city H582 , certain H1100 perverted H1121 men H5437 0 , beset H1004 the house H5437 [H8738] on all sides H1849 [H8693] , and beat H1817 at the door H559 [H8799] , and spoke H1167 to the master H1004 of the house H2205 , the old H376 man H559 [H8800] , saying H3318 [H8685] , Bring forth H376 the man H935 [H8804] that came H1004 into thy house H3045 [H8799] , that we may know him.
2 Kings 6:32 (Webster_Strongs)
  32 H477 But Elisha H3427 [H8802] sat H1004 in his house H2205 , and the elders H3427 [H8802] sat H7971 [H8799] with him; and the king sent H376 a man H6440 from before H4397 him: but before the messenger H935 [H8799] came H559 [H8804] to him, he said H2205 to the elders H7200 [H8804] , See H1121 ye how this son H7523 [H8764] of a murderer H7971 [H8804] hath sent H5493 [H8687] to take away H7218 my head H7200 [H8798] ? look H4397 , when the messenger H935 [H8800] cometh H5462 [H8798] , shut H1817 the door H3905 [H8804] , and hold him fast H1817 at the door H6963 : is not the sound H113 of his master's H7272 feet H310 behind him?