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2 Chronicles 2:14 (Webster_Strongs)
  14 H1121 The son H802 of a woman H1323 of the daughters H1835 of Dan H1 , and his father H376 was a man H6876 of Tyre H3045 [H8802] , skilful H6213 [H8800] to work H2091 in gold H3701 , and in silver H5178 , in brass H1270 , in iron H68 , in stone H6086 , and in timber H713 , in purple H8504 , in blue H948 , and in fine linen H3758 , and in crimson H6605 [H8763] ; also to engrave H6603 any manner of engraving H2803 [H8800] , and to find out H4284 every device H5414 [H8735] which shall be put H2450 to him, with thy skilful men H2450 , and with the skilful men H113 of my lord H1732 David H1 thy father.