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Ezra 5:14 (Webster_Strongs)
  14 H3984 And the vessels H638 also H1768 of H1722 gold H3702 and silver H1005 of the house H426 of God H5020 , which Nebuchadnezzar H5312 [H8684] took H4481 out of H1965 the temple H3390 that was in Jerusalem H2987 [H8684] , and brought H1965 them into the temple H895 of Babylon H1994 , those H3567 did Cyrus H4430 the king H5312 [H8684] take H4481 out of H1965 the temple H895 of Babylon H3052 [H8753] , and they were delivered H8036 to one, whose name H8340 was Sheshbazzar H7761 [H8754] , whom he had made H6347 governor;
Daniel 3:28 (Webster_Strongs)
  28 H5020 Then Nebuchadnezzar H6032 [H8750] spoke H560 [H8750] , and said H1289 [H8752] , Blessed H426 be the God H7715 of Shadrach H4336 , Meshach H5665 , and Abednego H7972 [H8754] , who hath sent H4398 his angel H7804 [H8758] , and delivered H5649 his servants H7365 [H8702] that trusted H5922 in him H8133 [H8745] , and have changed H4430 the king's H4406 word H3052 [H8754] , and yielded H1655 their bodies H3809 , that they might not H6399 [H8748] serve H3809 nor H5457 [H8748] worship H3606 any H426 god H3861 , except H426 their own God.
Daniel 5:19 (Webster_Strongs)
  19 H4481 And for H7238 the majesty H3052 [H8754] that he gave H3606 him, all H5972 people H524 , nations H3961 , and languages H1934 H2112 [H8754] , trembled H1763 [H8751] and feared H4481 before H6925 him H1934 H6634 [H8754] : whom he would H1934 H6992 [H8754] he slew H1934 H6634 [H8754] ; and whom he would H1934 H2418 [H8754] he kept alive H1934 H6634 [H8754] ; and whom he would H1934 H7313 [H8754] he set up H1934 H6634 [H8754] ; and whom he would H1934 H8214 [H8754] he put down.