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2 Chronicles 6:33 (Webster_Strongs)
  33 H8085 [H8799] Then hear H8064 thou from the heavens H3427 [H8800] , even from thy dwelling H4349 place H6213 [H8804] , and do H5237 according to all that the stranger H7121 [H8799] calleth H5971 to thee for; that all people H776 of the earth H3045 [H8799] may know H8034 thy name H3372 [H8800] , and fear H5971 thee, as do thy people H3478 Israel H3045 [H8800] , and may know H1004 that this house H1129 [H8804] which I have built H7121 [H8738] is called H8034 by thy name.