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Jeremiah 25:30 (Webster_Strongs)
  30 H5012 [H8735] Therefore prophesy H1697 thou against them all these words H559 [H8804] , and say H3068 to them, The LORD H7580 [H8799] shall roar H4791 from on high H5414 [H8799] , and utter H6963 his voice H6944 from his holy H4583 habitation H7580 [H8800] ; he shall mightily H7580 [H8799] roar H5116 upon his habitation H6030 [H8799] ; he shall give H1959 a shout H1869 [H8802] , as they that tread H3427 [H8802] the grapes, against all the inhabitants H776 of the earth.