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3 John 1:10 (new)
  10 G1223 G5124 Therefore, G1437 if G2064 [G5632] I come, G5279 [G5692] I will remember G846 his G2041 deeds G3739 which G4160 [G5719] he doeth, G5396 [G5723] prating against G2248 us G4190 with evil G3056 words: G2532 and G3361 not G714 [G5746] satisfied G1909 G5125 with that, G3777 neither G1926 0 doth G846 he himself G1926 [G5736] receive G80 the brethren, G2532 and G2967 [G5719] forbiddeth G1014 [G5740] them that would, G2532 and G1544 [G5719] casteth G1537 them out of G1577 the congregation.