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Mark 6:2 (new)
  2 G2532 And G4521 when the sabbath G1096 [G5637] was come, G756 [G5662] he began G1321 [G5721] to teach G1722 in G4864 the synagogue: G2532 and G4183 many G191 [G5723] hearing G1605 [G5712] him were astonished, G3004 [G5723] saying, G4159 From where G5129 hath this G5023 man these things? G2532 and G5101 what G4678 wisdom G1325 [G5685] is this which is given G846 to him, G3754 that G2532 even G5108 such G1411 powerful works G1096 [G5736] are wrought G1223 by G846 his G5495 hands?