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1 Chronicles 29:2 (new)
  2 H3559 [H8689] Now I have prepared H3581 with all my might H1004 for the house H430 of my God H2091 the gold H2091 for things to be made of gold, H3701 and the silver H3701 for things of silver, H5178 and the brass H5178 for things of brass, H1270 the iron H1270 for things of iron, H6086 and wood H6086 for things of wood; H7718 onyx H68 stones, H4394 and stones to be set, H6320 glittering H68 stones, H7553 and of various colours, H3368 and all manner of precious H68 stones, H7893 and marble H68 stones H7230 in abundance.
2 Chronicles 9:1 (new)
  1 H4436 And when the queen H7614 of Sheba H8085 [H8804] heard H8088 of the fame H8010 of Solomon, H935 [H8799] she came H5254 [H8763] to test H8010 Solomon H2420 with hard questions H3389 at Jerusalem, H3966 with a very H3515 great H2428 company, H1581 and camels H5375 [H8802] that bore H1314 spices, H2091 and gold H7230 in abundance, H3368 and precious H68 stones: H935 [H8799] and when she had come H8010 to Solomon, H1696 [H8762] she talked H3824 with him of all that was in her heart.