G1138 Δαβίδ - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

David, King of Israel.
Dabid (i.e. David), the Israelite king
Derivation: of Hebrew origin (H1732);

KJV Usage: David.

Δαυείδ, Δαυίδ, Δαβίδ
Δαυείδ (Rec. Δαβίδ), ὁ, indecl. (Heb. דָּוִד),
David, King of Israel:
Refs Mat.1:6; 12:3
, and al.; σκηνὴ Δ., Act.15:16; κλεὶς Δ., Rev.3:7; θρόνος Δ., Luk.1:32; ῥίζα Δ., Rev.5:5; βασιλεία Δ., Mrk.11:10; υἱὸς Δ., the Messiah (Ps. Sol., 17:23; for other reff. in Jewish lit., see Dalman, Words, 317),
Refs Mat.1:1 9:27
, and al.; ἐν Δ., i.e. the Psalter, Heb.4:7
1) second king of Israel, and ancestor of Jesus Christ

Of Hebrew origin [H1732]; Dabid (that is, David), the Israelite king

KJV Usage: David.

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First 30 of 59 occurrences of G1138 Δαβίδ

Matthew 1:1 of David,
Matthew 1:6 David
Matthew 1:6 David
Matthew 1:17 David
Matthew 1:17 David
Matthew 1:20 of David,
Matthew 9:27 of David,
Matthew 12:3 David
Matthew 12:23 of David?
Matthew 15:22 of David;
Matthew 20:30 of David.
Matthew 20:31 of David.
Matthew 21:9 of David:
Matthew 21:15 of David;
Matthew 22:42 The Son of David.
Matthew 22:43 doth David
Matthew 22:45 David
Mark 2:25 David
Mark 10:47 of David,
Mark 10:48 of David,
Mark 11:10 David,
Mark 12:35 of David?
Mark 12:36 David
Mark 12:37 David
Luke 1:27 of David;
Luke 1:32 David:
Luke 1:69 David;
Luke 2:4 of David,
Luke 2:4 of David:
Luke 2:11 of David

Distinct usage

18 David
13 of David,
4 of David;
4 David,
4 of David
3 of David.
2 of David:
2 David
2 of David?
1 doth David
1 David:
1 David;
1 who was the son of David,
1 of David
1 The Son of David.
1 David's

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see daveid _ H1732 david

Related words

G1138 Δαβίδ

H1732 דּויד דּוד dâvid dâvı̂yd

דּויד דּוד
dâvid dâvı̂yd
daw-veed', daw-veed'
From the same as H1730; loving; David, the youngest son of Jesse

KJV Usage: David.