G2784 κηρύσσω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to be a herald, officiate as herald
I proclaim, herald, preach.
to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel)
Derivation: of uncertain affinity;

KJV Usage: preacher(-er), proclaim, publish.

to preach
[in LXX chiefly for קָרָא ;]
to be a herald, to proclaim:
Refs Mrk.1:45 7:36, Luk.4:18-19" (LXX)>Refs (but see Field, Notes, 174)
1) to be a herald, to officiate as a herald
1a) to proclaim after the manner of a herald
1b) always with the suggestion of formality, gravity and an authority which must be listened to and obeyed
2) to publish, proclaim openly: something which has been done
3) used of the public proclamation of the gospel and matters pertaining to it, made by John the Baptist, by Jesus, by the apostles and other Christian teachers

Of uncertain affinity; to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel)

KJV Usage: preach (-er), proclaim, publish.

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First 30 of 63 occurrences of G2784 κηρύσσω

Matthew 3:1 proclaiming
Matthew 4:17 to proclaim,
Matthew 4:23 proclaiming
Matthew 9:35 proclaiming
Matthew 10:7 proclaim,
Matthew 10:27 that proclaim
Matthew 11:1 to proclaim
Matthew 24:14 shall be proclaimed
Matthew 26:13 shall be proclaimed
Mark 1:4 proclaiming
Mark 1:7 proclaimed,
Mark 1:14 proclaiming
Mark 1:38 I may proclaim
Mark 1:39 he proclaimed
Mark 1:45 to proclaim
Mark 3:14 to proclaim,
Mark 5:20 to proclaim
Mark 6:12 and proclaimed
Mark 7:36 they proclaimed
Mark 13:10 be proclaimed
Mark 14:9 shall be proclaimed
Mark 16:15 and proclaim
Mark 16:20 and proclaimed
Luke 3:3 proclaiming
Luke 4:18 to proclaim
Luke 4:19 To proclaim
Luke 4:44 proclaiming
Luke 8:1 proclaiming
Luke 8:39 and proclaimed
Luke 9:2 to proclaim

Distinct usage

11 proclaiming
6 to proclaim
5 and proclaimed
4 shall be proclaimed
4 proclaim
2 to proclaim,
2 proclaimed,
2 he proclaimed
2 was proclaimed
1 that proclaim
1 they proclaimed
1 proclaimeth.
1 be proclaimed
1 proclaim,
1 I may proclaim
1 and proclaim
1 To proclaim
1 them that proclaim
1 we proclaim;
1 shall they proclaim,
1 we proclaim,
1 we proclaim
1 I proclaim
1 I
1 should be proclaimed
1 proclaimed;
1 when I have proclaimed
1 is proclaimed
1 we proclaimed
1 proclaimed
1 thou that proclaimest
1 a proclaimer?
1 proclaimeth
1 we have

Corresponding Hebrew Words

kerusso H2199 zaaq hi.
kerusso H3745 keraz aph.
kerusso H5414 natan qol
kerusso H7121 qara
kerusso H7321 rua hi.

Related words

G2784 κηρύσσω

G2782 κήρυγμα
From G2784; a proclamation (especially of the gospel; by implication the gospel itself)

KJV Usage: preaching.

G2783 κήρυξ
From G2784; a herald, that is, of divine truth (especially of the gospel)

KJV Usage: preacher.

G4296 προκηρύσσω
From G4253 and G2784; to herald (that is, proclaim) in advance

KJV Usage: before (first) preach.