G3641 ὀλίγος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
few, little, scanty, small
small, brief, few, soon
(a) especially in plur: few, (b) in sing: small; hence, of time: short, of degree: light, slight, little.
puny (in extent, degree, number, duration or value); especially neuter (adverbially) somewhat
Derivation: of uncertain affinity;

KJV Usage: + almost, brief(-ly), few, (a) little, + long, a season, short, small, a while.

G:A / G:Adv
ὀλίγος, -η, -ον
(on οὐχ ὁλ., see infr.), [in LXX chiefly for מָעַט ;]
of number, quantity, size, few, little, small, slight:
Refs Mat.9:37 15:34, Mrk.6:5 8:7, Luk.10:2 12:48
(sc. πληγάς, opp. to πολλάς),
Refs 1Ti.5:23, Heb.12:10, Rev.3:4 12:12
; οὐκ ὀ. (in the best uncials written οὐκ ὁ.; see WH, App., 143; M, Pr., 44; Thackeray, Gr., 126 f.),
Refs Act.12:18 14:28 15:2
(with genitive part.)
Refs Act.17:4, 12 19:23-24 27:20
; pl., absol.,
Refs Mat.7:14 20:16
(WH, txt., RV, om.)
Refs Mat.22:14, Luk.13:23, 1Pe.3:20
. Neut. sing (τὸ) ὀ.:
Refs Luk.7:47, 2Co.8:15
; πρὸς ὀλίγον,
Refs 1Ti.4:8, Jas.4:14
; ἐν ὀ., Act.26:28-29 (with little effort; see Page, in l); id., in brief, Eph.3:3; adverbially, ὀλίγον, of time,
Refs Mrk.6:31, 1Pe.1:6 5:10, Rev.17:10
; of space,
Refs Mrk.1:19, Luk.5:3
; pl., ὀλίγα,
Refs Luk.10:42, Rev.2:14
; ἐπ᾽ ὀλίγα,
Refs Mat.25:21, 23
; δι᾽ ὀλίγων, in few words, briefly, 1Pe.5:12 (cf. Plat., Legg., vi, 778 e).†
**ὀλίγως, adv.
(< ὀλίγος), [in Aq.: Isa.10:7 * ;]
a little, almost, all but: 2Pe.2:18.†
1) little, small, few
1a) of number: multitude, quantity, or size
1b) of time: short
1c) of degree or intensity: light, slight

Of uncertain affinity; puny (in extent, degree, number, duration or value); especially neuter (adverbially) somewhat

KJV Usage: + almost, brief [-ly], few, (a) little, + long, a season, short, small, a while.

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First 30 of 43 occurrences of G3641 ὀλίγος

Matthew 7:14 few
Matthew 9:37 are few;
Matthew 15:34 a few
Matthew 20:16 few
Matthew 22:14 few
Matthew 25:21 a few things,
Matthew 25:23 a few things,
Mark 1:19 a little
Mark 6:5 upon a few
Mark 6:31 a while:
Mark 8:7 a few
Luke 5:3 a little
Luke 7:47 little
Luke 7:47 little.
Luke 10:2 are few:
Luke 12:48 with few
Luke 13:23 are there few
Acts 12:18 small
Acts 14:28 a long
Acts 15:2 small
Acts 17:4 a few.
Acts 17:12 a few.
Acts 19:23 small
Acts 19:24 small
Acts 26:28 Almost
Acts 26:29 almost,
Acts 27:20 small
2 Corinthians 8:15 little
Ephesians 3:3 few words,
1 Timothy 4:8 few things,

Distinct usage

5 small
4 a few
4 a little
3 few
3 little
2 a few.
2 a few things,
2 a few things
1 are few;
1 a while:
1 are there few
1 a long
1 almost,
1 briefly,
1 a short time.
1 for a little,
1 few things,
1 a little time,
1 are few:
1 few words,
1 upon a few
1 few,
1 with few
1 Almost
1 a while,
1 little.

Corresponding Hebrew Words

oligos H259 echad
oligos * H369 keayin
oligos H657 ephes
oligos * H4193 mot
oligos H4213 mizar
oligos H4591 maat
oligos H4591 maat hi.
oligos * H4592 hammamit
oligos H4592 meat
oligos H4705 mitsar
oligos H6819 tsaar

Related words

G3641 ὀλίγος

G3640 ὀλιγόπιστος
From G3641 and G4102; incredulous, that is, lacking confidence (in Christ)

KJV Usage: of little faith.

G3642 ὀλιγόψυχος
From G3641 and G5590; little spirited, that is, faint hearted

KJV Usage: feebleminded.

G3643 ὀλιγωρέω
From a compound of G3641 and ὤρα ōra (“care”); to have little regard for, that is, to disesteem

KJV Usage: despise.