G5602 ὧδε - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
in this wise, so, thus
here, the things here, what is here, what is going on here, the state of affairs here.
in this same spot, i.e. here or hither
Derivation: from an adverb form of G3592;

KJV Usage: here, hither, (in) this place, there.

ὧδε, adv.,
[in LXX for חֲלֹם ,פֹּה ,הִנֶּה, etc. ;]
__1. prop., of manner, so (Hom., al.).
__2. In poets (rarely) and late writers, of place,
__(a) hither (BL, §25, 2):
Refs Mat.8:29, Mrk.11:3, Luk.9:41, Jhn.6:25, al.
; ἕως ὧδε, Luk.23:5;
__(b) here:
Refs Mat.12:6, Mrk.9:1, Luk.9:33, Jhn.6:9, al.
; τὰ ὧδε, Col.4:9; opp. to ἐκεῖ, Heb.7:8; ὧδε . . . ἢ ὧδε (ἐκεῖ),
Refs Mat.24:23, Mrk.13:21
; metaph., here (i.e. in this circumstance or connection),
Refs 1Co.4:2, Rev.13:10, 18 14:12 17:9
1) here, to this place, etc.

h ōde
From an adverb form of G3592; in this same spot, that is, here or hither

KJV Usage: here, hither, (in) this place, there.

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First 30 of 60 occurrences of G5602 ὧδε

Matthew 8:29 here
Matthew 12:6 in this place
Matthew 12:41 is here.
Matthew 12:42 is here.
Matthew 14:8 here
Matthew 14:17 here
Matthew 14:18 here
Matthew 16:28 here,
Matthew 17:4 here:
Matthew 17:4 here
Matthew 17:17 here
Matthew 20:6 here
Matthew 22:12 in here
Matthew 24:2 here
Matthew 24:23 here
Matthew 24:23 there;
Matthew 26:38 here,
Matthew 28:6 here:
Mark 6:3 here
Mark 8:4 here
Mark 9:1 here,
Mark 9:5 here:
Mark 11:3 here.
Mark 13:21 here
Mark 14:32 here,
Mark 14:34 here,
Mark 16:6 here:
Luke 4:23 here
Luke 9:12 here
Luke 9:27 here,

Distinct usage

27 here
12 here,
5 here:
4 is here.
3 here.
1 in this place
1 here!
1 here?
1 are done here.
1 And here
1 here;
1 there;
1 this place.
1 in here

Corresponding Hebrew Words

hode H1988 halom
hode H2008 hennah
hode H2088 bazeh
hode H3541 koh
hode H6311 poh

Related words

G5602 ὧδε

G3592 ὅδε, ἥδε, τόδε

ὅδε, ἥδε, τόδε
hode hēde tode
hod'-eh, hay'-deh, tod'-e
The masculine, feminine (second) and neuter (third) forms. From G3588 and G1161; the same, that is, this or that one (plural these or those); often used as personal pronoun

KJV Usage: he, she, such, these, thus.