H1060 בּכור - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

be kôr
From H1069; firstborn; hence chief

KJV Usage: eldest (son), first-born (-ling).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. firstborn, firstling
a. of men and women
b. of animals
c. noun of relation (fig.)
Origin: from H1069
TWOT: 244a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) firstborn, firstling
1a) of men and women
1b) of animals
1c) noun of relation (fig.)

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First 30 of 117 occurrences of H1060 בּכור

Genesis 10:15 his firstborn,
Genesis 22:21 his firstborn,
Genesis 25:13 the firstborn
Genesis 27:19 thy firstborn;
Genesis 27:32 thy firstborn
Genesis 35:23 firstborn,
Genesis 36:15 the firstborn
Genesis 38:6 his firstborn,
Genesis 38:7 firstborn,
Genesis 41:51 of the firstborn
Genesis 43:33 the firstborn
Genesis 46:8 firstborn.
Genesis 48:14 was the firstborn.
Genesis 48:18 for this is the firstborn;
Genesis 49:3 thou art my firstborn,
Exodus 4:22 even my firstborn:
Exodus 4:23 even thy firstborn.
Exodus 6:14 the firstborn
Exodus 11:5 And all the firstborn
Exodus 11:5 from the firstborn
Exodus 11:5 even to the firstborn
Exodus 11:5 and all the firstborn
Exodus 12:12 all the firstborn
Exodus 12:29 all the firstborn
Exodus 12:29 from the firstborn
Exodus 12:29 to the firstborn
Exodus 12:29 and all the firstborn
Exodus 13:2 to me all the firstborn,
Exodus 13:13 and all the firstborn
Exodus 13:15 all the firstborn

Distinct usage

17 the firstborn
9 his firstborn,
7 all the firstborn
6 the firstborn,
5 And all the firstborn
3 of the firstborn
3 and his firstborn
3 instead of all the firstborn
2 firstborn,
2 from the firstborn
2 in their eldest
2 And the firstborn
2 For all the firstborn
2 or the firstling
1 thy firstborn
1 was the firstborn.
1 for this is the firstborn;
1 thou art my firstborn,
1 even my firstborn:
1 even thy firstborn.
1 even to the firstborn
1 to the firstborn
1 Only the firstling
1 Because all the firstborn
1 to me all the firstborn
1 all their firstborn,
1 All the firstling
1 with the firstling
1 the firstling
1 for the firstborn,
1 for he was the firstborn
1 of his firstborn
1 his firstborn
1 were, the firstborn
1 (for he was the firstborn;
1 who was the firstborn
1 because he was the firstborn.
1 Also the firstborn
1 even the firstborn
1 him my firstborn,
1 also all the firstborn
1 is my firstborn.
1 for his firstborn.
1 thy firstborn;
1 in their firstborn:
1 firstborn.
1 to me all the firstborn,
1 eldest son,
1 instead of all the firstlings
1 him, all the firstborn
1 even instead of the firstborn
1 every firstborn
1 the eldest
1 and if the firstborn
1 (for though he was not the firstborn,
1 which is indeed the firstborn:
1 in his firstborn,
1 my firstborn
1 his eldest
1 is like the firstborn

Corresponding Greek Words

bekhor G3813 paidion
bekhor G4416 prototokos

Related words


H1062 בּכרה בּכורה be kôrâh be kôrâh
בּכרה בּכורה
be kôrâh be kôrâh
bek-o-raw', bek-o-raw'
Feminine of H1060; the firstling of man or beast; abstractly primogeniture

KJV Usage: birthright, firstborn (-ling).

H1069 בּכר bâkar

A primitive root; properly to burst the womb, that is, (causatively) bear or make early fruit (of woman or tree); also (as denominatively from H1061) to give the birthright

KJV Usage: make firstborn, be firstling, bring forth first child (new fruit).

H1061 בּכּוּר bikkûr
From H1069; the first fruits of the crop

KJV Usage: first fruit (-ripe [figuratively), hasty fruit.

H1067 בּכּירה be kı̂yrâh
be kı̂yrâh
Feminine from H1069; the eldest daughter

KJV Usage: firstborn.

H1070 בּכר beker
From H1069 (in the sense of youth); a young camel

KJV Usage: dromedary.

H1074 בּכרוּ bôke rû
bôke rû
From H1069; first born; Bokeru, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Bocheru.

H1075 בּכרי bikrı̂y
From H1069; youthful; Bikri, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Bichri.