H1107 בּלעדי בּלעדי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

בּלעדי בּלעדי
bil‛ădêy bal‛ădêy
bil-ad-ay', bal-ad-ay'
Constructive plural from H1077 and H5703; not till, that is, (as preposition or adverb) except, without, besides

KJV Usage: beside, not (in), save, without.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


בּלעדי בּלעדי

1. apart from, except, without, besides
Origin: constructive pl. from H1077 and H5703
TWOT: 246h
Parts of Speech:

1) apart from, except, without, besides

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17 occurrences of H1107 בּלעדי בּלעדי

Genesis 14:24 Except
Genesis 41:16 It is not in me:
Genesis 41:44 and without
Numbers 5:20 with thee besides
Joshua 22:19 besides
2 Samuel 22:32 except
2 Samuel 22:32 except
2 Kings 18:25 without
Job 34:32 not
Psalms 18:31 except
Isaiah 36:10 without
Isaiah 43:11 and besides
Isaiah 44:6 and besides
Isaiah 44:8 besides
Isaiah 45:6 besides
Isaiah 45:21 else besides
Jeremiah 44:19 to her, without

Distinct usage

4 Except
3 besides
2 and besides
2 without
1 It is not in me:
1 and without
1 with thee besides
1 to her, without
1 else besides
1 not

Related words


H1077 בּל bal

From H1086; properly a failure; by implication nothing; usually (adverbially) not at all; also lest

KJV Usage: lest, neither, no, none (that . . .), not (any), nothing.

H1109 בּלעם bil‛âm
Probably from H1077 and H5971; not (of the) people, that is, foreigner; Bilam, a Mesopotamian prophet; also a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Balaam, Bileam.

H5703 עד ‛ad

From H5710; properly a (peremptory) terminus, that is, (by implication) duration, in the sense of perpetuity (substantially as a noun, either with or without a preposition)

KJV Usage: eternity, ever (-lasting, -more), old, perpetually, + world without end.

H5704 עד ‛ad
Properly the same as H5703 (used as a preposition, adverb or conjugation; especially with a preposition); as far (or long, or much) as, whether of space (even unto) or time (during, while, until) or degree (equally with)

KJV Usage: against, and, as, at, before, by (that), even (to), for (-asmuch as), [hither-] to, + how long, into, as long (much) as, (so) that, till, toward, until, when, while, (+ as) yet.

H5706 עד ‛ad
The same as H5703 in the sense of the aim of an attack; booty

KJV Usage: prey.

H5769 עלם עולם ‛ôlâm ‛ôlâm
עלם עולם
‛ôlâm ‛ôlâm
o-lawm', o-lawm'
From H5956; properly concealed, that is, the vanishing point; generally time out of mind (past or future), that is, (practically) eternity; frequentative adverbially (especially with prepositional prefix) always

KJV Usage: always (-s), ancient (time), any more, continuance, eternal, (for, [n-]) ever (-lasting, -more, of old), lasting, long (time), (of) old (time), perpetual, at any time, (beginning of the) world (+ without end).

Compare H5331, H5703.

H6008 עמעד ‛am‛âd
From H5971 and H5703; people of time; Amad, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Amad.

H6256 עת ‛êth
From H5703; time, especially (adverbially with preposition) now, when, etc.

KJV Usage: + after, [al-] ways, X certain, + continually, + evening, long, (due) season, so [long] as, [even-, evening-, noon-] tide, ([meal-], what) time, when.