H1612 גּפן - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to bend; a vine (as twining), especially the grape

KJV Usage: vine, tree.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. vine, vine tree
a. of Israel (fig.)
b. of stars fading at Jehovah's judgment (metaph.)
c. of prosperity
Origin: from an unused root meaning to bend
TWOT: 372a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) vine, vine tree
1a) of Israel (fig.)
1b) of stars fading at Jehovah's judgment (metaph.)
1c) of prosperity

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First 30 of 55 occurrences of H1612 גּפן

Genesis 40:9 behold, a vine
Genesis 40:10 And on the vine
Genesis 49:11 to the vine,
Numbers 6:4 tree,
Numbers 20:5 or of vines,
Deuteronomy 8:8 and vines,
Deuteronomy 32:32 For their vine
Deuteronomy 32:32 is of the vine
Judges 9:12 to the vine,
Judges 9:13 And the vine
Judges 13:14 of the vine,
1 Kings 4:25 under his vine
2 Kings 4:39 vine,
2 Kings 18:31 of his own vine,
Job 15:33 as the vine,
Psalms 78:47 their vines
Psalms 80:8 a vine
Psalms 80:14 this vine;
Psalms 105:33 their vines
Psalms 128:3 vine
Song of Songs 2:13 and the vines
Song of Songs 6:11 whether the vine
Song of Songs 7:8 of the vine,
Song of Songs 7:12 if the vine
Isaiah 7:23 vines
Isaiah 16:8 and the vine
Isaiah 16:9 the vine
Isaiah 24:7 the vine
Isaiah 32:12 vine.
Isaiah 34:4 from the vine,

Distinct usage

4 the vine
3 vine
2 to the vine,
2 And the vine
2 of the vine,
2 under his vine
2 vine,
2 their vines
2 vine.
1 And on the vine
1 tree,
1 or of vines,
1 and vines,
1 For their vine
1 is of the vine
1 of his own vine,
1 as the vine,
1 this vine;
1 and the vines
1 if the vine
1 vines
1 from the vine,
1 of his vine,
1 thy vines
1 on the vine,
1 O vine
1 What is the vine
1 were under him: so it became a vine,
1 and, behold, this vine
1 is like a vine
1 as the vine:
1 my vine
1 be in the vines;
1 yea, as yet the vine,
1 under the vine
1 whether the vine
1 her vines
1 and the vine
1 neither shall your vine
1 behold, a vine
1 as a vine:
1 a vine
1 As the vine

Corresponding Greek Words

gephen G288 ampelos
gephen G290 ampelon

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