H2091 זהב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to shimmer; gold; figuratively something gold colored (that is, yellow), as oil, a clear sky

KJV Usage: gold (-en), fair weather.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. gold
a. as precious metal
b. as a measure of weight
c. of brilliance, splendour (fig.)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to shimmer
TWOT: 529a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) gold
1a) as precious metal
1b) as a measure of weight
1c) of brilliance, splendour (fig.)

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First 30 of 388 occurrences of H2091 זהב

Genesis 2:11 there is gold;
Genesis 2:12 And the gold
Genesis 13:2 and in gold.
Genesis 24:22 a golden
Genesis 24:22 of gold;
Genesis 24:35 and gold,
Genesis 24:53 of gold,
Genesis 41:42 a gold
Genesis 44:8 or gold?
Exodus 3:22 of gold,
Exodus 11:2 of gold.
Exodus 12:35 of gold,
Exodus 20:23 of gold.
Exodus 25:3 of them; gold,
Exodus 25:11 gold,
Exodus 25:11 of gold
Exodus 25:12 of gold
Exodus 25:13 them with gold.
Exodus 25:17 gold:
Exodus 25:18 of gold,
Exodus 25:24 gold,
Exodus 25:24 of gold
Exodus 25:25 a golden
Exodus 25:26 of gold,
Exodus 25:28 them with gold,
Exodus 25:29 gold
Exodus 25:31 gold:
Exodus 25:36 gold.
Exodus 25:38 gold.
Exodus 25:39 gold

Distinct usage

45 of gold,
42 of gold
20 gold,
17 gold
15 and gold,
14 golden
12 of gold.
11 gold.
10 gold:
10 of gold,
10 the golden
8 And the gold
7 and the gold,
7 and gold
6 with gold,
6 the gold
6 gold;
5 them with gold.
5 with gold.
4 a golden
4 in gold,
4 of gold:
4 and their gold
3 them with gold,
3 All the gold
3 and gold.
3 and with gold,
2 of gold;
2 of gold
2 with gold:
2 And all the gold
2 and thy gold
2 And the golden
2 shekels of gold
2 were of gold,
2 and gold;
2 for gold:
2 in gold,
2 for things of gold,
2 of the gold
2 as gold.
2 and gold:
2 them as gold
1 there is gold;
1 and in gold.
1 a gold
1 or gold?
1 of them; gold,
1 shall be of gold,
1 shall be of gold:
1 even of gold,
1 of gold;
1 it; of gold,
1 in gold
1 chains of gold
1 to them, Whoever hath any gold,
1 them with gold:
1 were of gold;
1 place, even the gold
1 other golden

Corresponding Greek Words

zahav G3509 nephos
zahav G5552 chruseos
zahav G5553 chrusion
zahav G5557 chrusos

Related words


H1722 דּהב de hab
de hab
(Chaldee); corresponding to H2091; gold

KJV Usage: gold (-en).

H1774 דּי זהב dı̂y zâhâb
דּי זהב
dı̂y zâhâb
dee zaw-hawb'
As if from H1768 and H2091; of gold; Dizahab, a place in the Desert

KJV Usage: Dizahab.

H4314 מי זהב mêy zâhâb
מי זהב
mêy zâhâb
may zaw-hawb'
From H4325 and H2091, water of gold; Me-Zahab, an Edomite

KJV Usage: Mezahab.