H2205 זקן - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H2204; old

KJV Usage: aged, ancient (man), elder (-est), old (man, men and . . . women), senator.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. old
a. old (of humans)
b. elder (of those having authority)
Origin: from H2204
TWOT: 574b
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) old
1a) old (of humans)
1b) elder (of those having authority)

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First 30 of 178 occurrences of H2205 זקן

Genesis 18:11 were old
Genesis 19:4 both old
Genesis 24:2 to his eldest
Genesis 25:8 an old man,
Genesis 35:29 being old
Genesis 43:27 the old man
Genesis 44:20 an old man,
Genesis 50:7 the elders
Genesis 50:7 and all the elders
Exodus 3:16 the elders
Exodus 3:18 thou and the elders
Exodus 4:29 all the elders
Exodus 10:9 and with our old,
Exodus 12:21 for all the elders
Exodus 17:5 with thee of the elders
Exodus 17:6 of the elders
Exodus 18:12 and all the elders
Exodus 19:7 for the elders
Exodus 24:1 of the elders
Exodus 24:9 of the elders
Exodus 24:14 to the elders,
Leviticus 4:15 the elders
Leviticus 9:1 and the elders
Leviticus 19:32 of the old man,
Numbers 11:16 of the elders
Numbers 11:16 to be the elders
Numbers 11:24 of the elders
Numbers 11:25 elders:
Numbers 11:30 he and the elders
Numbers 16:25 and the elders

Distinct usage

18 and the elders
14 of the elders
13 the elders
10 to the elders
7 and all the elders
6 to the elders,
4 with the elders
4 and the old
4 all the elders
3 he and the elders
3 Then the elders
3 old
3 and old,
2 for the elders
2 an old
2 and the elders,
2 of the old men,
2 being old
2 an old man,
1 both old
1 the old man
1 thou and the elders
1 and with our old,
1 for all the elders
1 elders:
1 and your elders;
1 Then thy elders
1 even the elders
1 of the elders,
1 thee; thy elders,
1 and for their elders,
1 and its elders,
1 and before the elders
1 that there shall not be an old man
1 Then all the elders
1 me now, I pray thee, before the elders
1 the old men's
1 where the old
1 even the elders
1 to him all the elders
1 houses, old men,
1 of the aged.
1 because they were elder
1 neither do the aged
1 and teach his elders
1 of the elders.
1 more than the ancients,
1 of old men
1 among the elders
1 than an old
1 and the ancient,
1 against the elder,
1 The ancient
1 nor an old man
1 and take of the ancients
1 and of the ancients
1 and old
1 not the elders.
1 of elders
1 from the elders.

Corresponding Greek Words

zaqen G435 aner
zaqen G1087 gerousia
zaqen G1088 geron
zaqen G4246 presbutes

Related words


H2209 זקנה ziqnâh
Feminine of H2205; old age

KJV Usage: old (age).

H2204 זקן zâqên

A primitive root; to be old

KJV Usage: aged man, be (wax) old (man).

H2206 זקן zâqân
From H2204; the beard (as indicating age)

KJV Usage: beard.

H2207 זקן zôqen
From H2204; old age

KJV Usage: age.

H2208 זקן zâqûn
Properly passive participle of H2204 (used only in the plural as a noun); old age

KJV Usage: old age.