H2275 חברון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H2267; seat of association; Chebron, a place in Palestine, also the name of two Israelites

KJV Usage: Hebron.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


Hebron = "association" n pr loc
1. a city in south Judah approx 20 south of Jerusalem and approx 20 miles (30 km) north of Beersheba and near where Abraham built an altar n pr m
2. the 3rd son of Kohath and grandson of Levi
3. a descendant of Caleb
Origin: from H2267
TWOT: 598i
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 71 occurrences of H2275 חברון

Genesis 13:18 which is in Hebron,
Genesis 23:2 the same is Hebron
Genesis 23:19 the same is Hebron
Genesis 35:27 which is Hebron,
Genesis 37:14 of Hebron,
Exodus 6:18 and Hebron,
Numbers 3:19 Hebron,
Numbers 13:22 to Hebron;
Numbers 13:22 were. (Now Hebron
Joshua 10:3 of Hebron,
Joshua 10:5 of Hebron,
Joshua 10:23 of Hebron,
Joshua 10:36 with him, to Hebron;
Joshua 10:39 to Hebron,
Joshua 11:21 from Hebron,
Joshua 12:10 of Hebron,
Joshua 14:13 Hebron
Joshua 14:14 Hebron
Joshua 14:15 of Hebron
Joshua 15:13 which city is Hebron.
Joshua 15:54 which is Hebron,
Joshua 20:7 which is Hebron,
Joshua 21:11 which city is Hebron,
Joshua 21:13 Hebron
Judges 1:10 in Hebron:
Judges 1:10 of Hebron
Judges 1:20 Hebron
Judges 16:3 Hebron.
1 Samuel 30:31 And to them who were in Hebron,
2 Samuel 2:1 To Hebron.

Distinct usage

7 to Hebron,
5 of Hebron,
5 in Hebron.
4 and Hebron,
4 Hebron
3 which is Hebron,
3 in Hebron
3 in Hebron:
3 in Hebron,
3 of Hebron;
3 to Hebron;
2 the same is Hebron
2 Hebron,
2 To Hebron.
2 of Hebron.
2 to him in Hebron;
2 of Hebron
2 with them in Hebron
1 which is in Hebron,
1 with him, to Hebron;
1 And to them who were in Hebron,
1 in Hebron;
1 from Hebron:
1 he in Hebron,
1 them Hebron
1 of Judah, namely, Hebron,
1 from Hebron,
1 and they came to Hebron
1 which city is Hebron,
1 were. (Now Hebron
1 Hebron.
1 which city is Hebron.

Related words


H2276 חברני חברוני chebrônı̂y chebrônı̂y
חברני חברוני
chebrônı̂y chebrônı̂y
kheb-ro-nee', kheb-ro-nee'
Patronymic from H2275; Chebronite (collectively), an inhabitant of Chebron

KJV Usage: Hebronites.

H2267 חבר cheber

From H2266; a society; also a spell

KJV Usage: + charmer (-ing), company, enchantment, X wide.

H2268 חבר cheber
The same as H2267; community; Cheber, the name of a Kenite and of three Israelites

KJV Usage: Heber.

H2274 חברה chebrâh
Feminine of H2267; association

KJV Usage: company.