H2568 חמשּׁה חמשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

חמשּׁה חמשׁ
châmêsh chămishshâh
khaw-maysh', kham-ish-shaw'
A primitive numeral; five

KJV Usage: fif [-teen], fifth, five (X apiece).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


חמשּׁה חמשׁ

1. five
a. five (cardinal number)
b. a multiple of five (with another number)
c. fifth (ordinal number)
Origin: a primitive numeral
TWOT: TWOT- 686a
Parts of Speech: Noun

1) five
1a) five (cardinal number)
1b) a multiple of five (with another number)
1c) fifth (ordinal number)

View how H2568 חמשּׁה חמשׁ is used in the Bible

First 30 of 342 occurrences of H2568 חמשּׁה חמשׁ

Genesis 5:6 and five
Genesis 5:10 and fifteen
Genesis 5:11 and five
Genesis 5:15 and five
Genesis 5:17 and five
Genesis 5:21 and five
Genesis 5:23 and five
Genesis 5:30 five
Genesis 5:30 and five
Genesis 5:32 was five
Genesis 7:20 Fifteen
Genesis 11:11 five
Genesis 11:12 five
Genesis 11:32 and five
Genesis 12:4 and five
Genesis 14:9 with five.
Genesis 18:28 five
Genesis 18:28 for lack of five?
Genesis 18:28 and five,
Genesis 25:7 and five
Genesis 43:34 was five
Genesis 45:6 and yet there are five
Genesis 45:11 thee; for yet there are five
Genesis 45:22 and five
Genesis 47:2 even five
Exodus 16:1 on the fifteenth
Exodus 22:1 five
Exodus 26:3 The five
Exodus 26:3 and other five
Exodus 26:9 five

Distinct usage

101 and five
94 five
13 was five
11 and five.
7 Fifteen
7 The five
7 of five
5 were five
4 And the five
4 The fifteenth
3 And on the fifteenth
3 on the fifteenth
3 In the fifteenth
3 month, in the fifth
2 was five
2 those five
2 He was five
2 and five;
2 and five:
2 in the five
2 shall be five
1 and fifteen
1 with five.
1 and yet there are five
1 thee; for yet there are five
1 even five
1 and other five
1 of the gate shall be fifteen
1 and the other five
1 And its five
1 but their five
1 of it, and five
1 of the gate were fifteen
1 of fifteen
1 Also in the fifteenth
1 And if it shall be from five
1 even to five
1 shall be fifteen
1 nor five
1 about five
1 Therefore the five
1 But these five
1 them on five
1 Namely, five
1 Then the five
1 And when the five
1 belonging to the five
1 for himself five
1 with five
1 for five
1 I pray thee, five
1 And in the fifth
1 were five.
1 five.
1 five:
1 five;
1 of the one cherub was five
1 was likewise five
1 until the five
1 when he was five

Related words


H2549 חמשּׁי חמישׁי chămı̂yshı̂y chămishshı̂y
חמשּׁי חמישׁי
chămı̂yshı̂y chămishshı̂y
kham-ee-shee', kham-ish-shee'
Ordinal from H2568; fifth; also a fifth

KJV Usage: fifth (part).

H2567 חמשׁ châmash
A denominative from H2568; to tax a fifth

KJV Usage: take up the fifth part.

H2572 חמשּׁים chămishshı̂ym
Multiple of H2568; fifty

KJV Usage: fifty.