H3052 יהב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ye hab
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3051

KJV Usage: deliver, give, lay, + prolong, pay, yield.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to give, provide
a. (P'al)
1. to give
2. to place, lay (foundations)
b. (Hithp'al)
1. to be given
2. to be paid
Origin: corresponding to H3051
TWOT: 2766
Parts of Speech: Verb

to give
1) to give, provide
1a) (P'al)
1a1) to give
1a2) to place, lay (foundations)
1b) (Hithp'al)
1b1) to be given
1b2) to be paid

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27 occurrences of H3052 יהב

Ezra 4:20 was paid
Ezra 5:12 he gave
Ezra 5:14 and they were delivered
Ezra 5:16 and laid
Ezra 6:4 be given
Ezra 6:8 given
Ezra 6:9 given
Ezra 7:19 also that are given
Daniel 2:21 he giveth
Daniel 2:37 hath given
Daniel 2:38 hath he given
Daniel 2:48 and gave
Daniel 3:28 and yielded
Daniel 4:16 be given
Daniel 5:17 to thyself, and give
Daniel 5:18 gave
Daniel 5:19 that he gave
Daniel 5:28 and given
Daniel 6:2 give
Daniel 7:4 was given
Daniel 7:6 was given
Daniel 7:11 and given
Daniel 7:12 were prolonged
Daniel 7:14 And there was given
Daniel 7:22 was given
Daniel 7:25 and they shall be given
Daniel 7:27 shall be given

Distinct usage

3 was given
2 be given
2 given
2 and given
1 was paid
1 and they were delivered
1 he giveth
1 hath he given
1 and gave
1 to thyself, and give
1 give
1 were prolonged
1 and they shall be given
1 shall be given
1 and yielded
1 and laid
1 he gave
1 hath given
1 And there was given
1 that he gave
1 gave
1 also that are given

Corresponding Greek Words

yehav G591 apo didomi
yehav G3308 merimna

Related words


H3051 יהב yâhab

A primitive root; to give (whether literally or figuratively); generally to put; imperatively (reflexively) come

KJV Usage: ascribe, bring, come on, give, go, set, take.

H1890 הבהב habhâb
By reduplication from H3051; gift (in sacrifice), that is, holocaust

KJV Usage: offering.

H3053 יהב ye hâb
ye hâb
From H3051; properly what is given (by Providence), that is, a lot

KJV Usage: burden.