H325 אחשׁרשׁ אחשׁורושׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אחשׁרשׁ אחשׁורושׁ
'ăchashvêrôsh 'achashrôsh
akh-ash-vay-rosh', akh-ash-rosh'
Of Persian origin; Achashverosh (that is, Ahasuerus or Artaxerxes, but in this case Xerxes), the title (rather than name) of a Persian king

KJV Usage: Ahasuerus.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


אחשׁרשׁ אחשׁורושׁ
Ahasuerus = "I will be silent and poor"
1. title of the king of Persia, probably Xerxes
Origin: of Persian origin
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

Ahasuerus = "I will be silent and poor"
1) title of the king of Persia, probably Xerxes

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First 30 of 31 occurrences of H325 אחשׁרשׁ אחשׁורושׁ

Ezra 4:6 of Ahasuerus,
Esther 1:1 of Ahasuerus,
Esther 1:1 (this is Ahasuerus
Esther 1:2 Ahasuerus
Esther 1:9 Ahasuerus.
Esther 1:10 of Ahasuerus
Esther 1:15 Ahasuerus
Esther 1:16 Ahasuerus.
Esther 1:17 Ahasuerus
Esther 1:19 Ahasuerus;
Esther 2:1 Ahasuerus
Esther 2:12 Ahasuerus,
Esther 2:16 Ahasuerus
Esther 2:21 Ahasuerus.
Esther 3:1 Ahasuerus
Esther 3:6 of Ahasuerus,
Esther 3:7 Ahasuerus,
Esther 3:8 Ahasuerus,
Esther 3:12 Ahasuerus
Esther 6:2 Ahasuerus.
Esther 7:5 Ahasuerus
Esther 8:1 Ahasuerus
Esther 8:7 Ahasuerus
Esther 8:10 Ahasuerus'
Esther 8:12 Ahasuerus,
Esther 9:2 Ahasuerus,
Esther 9:20 Ahasuerus,
Esther 9:30 of Ahasuerus,
Esther 10:1 Ahasuerus
Esther 10:3 Ahasuerus,

Distinct usage

11 Ahasuerus
7 Ahasuerus,
5 of Ahasuerus,
4 Ahasuerus.
1 (this is Ahasuerus
1 Ahasuerus'
1 of Ahasuerus
1 Ahasuerus;

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