H3515 כּבד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3513; heavy; figuratively in a good sense (numerous) or in a bad sense (severe, difficult, stupid)

KJV Usage: (so) great, grievous, hard (-ened), (too) heavy (-ier), laden, much, slow, sore, thick.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. heavy, great
a. heavy
b. massive, abundant, numerous
c. heavy, dull
d. hard, difficult, burdensome
e. very oppressive, numerous, rich
Origin: from H3513
TWOT: 943a
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) heavy, great
1a) heavy
1b) massive, abundant, numerous
1c) heavy, dull
1d) hard, difficult, burdensome
1e) very oppressive, numerous, rich

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First 30 of 38 occurrences of H3515 כּבד

Genesis 12:10 was grievous
Genesis 41:31 grievous.
Genesis 43:1 was severe
Genesis 47:4 is severe
Genesis 47:13 severe,
Genesis 50:9 great
Genesis 50:10 grievous
Genesis 50:11 This is a grievous
Exodus 4:10 but I am slow
Exodus 4:10 and of a slow
Exodus 7:14 is hardened,
Exodus 8:24 a grievous
Exodus 9:3 grievous
Exodus 9:18 grievous
Exodus 9:24 grievous,
Exodus 10:14 grievous
Exodus 12:38 many
Exodus 17:12 were heavy;
Exodus 18:18 is too heavy
Exodus 19:16 and a thick
Numbers 11:14 because it is too heavy
Numbers 20:20 him with many
1 Kings 3:9 this thy so great
1 Kings 10:2 great
1 Kings 12:4 and his heavy
1 Kings 12:11 a heavy
2 Kings 6:14 and a great
2 Kings 18:17 with a heavy
2 Chronicles 9:1 great
2 Chronicles 10:4 and his heavy

Distinct usage

4 grievous
3 great
2 and his heavy
2 and of an hard
2 a heavy
1 grievous.
1 was severe
1 is severe
1 severe,
1 This is a grievous
1 is hardened,
1 grievous,
1 many
1 were heavy;
1 is too heavy
1 because it is too heavy
1 him with many
1 this thy so great
1 and a great
1 with a great
1 with a heavy
1 as an heavy
1 a grievous
1 and a thick
1 is heavier
1 laden
1 of a great
1 was grievous
1 but I am slow
1 and of a slow

Corresponding Greek Words

kaved G926 barus
kaved G2478 ischuros
kaved G4128 plethos
kaved G4134 pleres
kaved G4145 plousios

Related words


H3516 כּבד kâbêd
The same as H3515; the liver (as the heaviest of the viscera)

KJV Usage: liver.

H3517 כּבדת ke bêdûth
ke bêdûth
Feminine of H3515; difficulty

KJV Usage: X heavily.

H3513 כּבד כּבד kâbad kâbêd

כּבד כּבד
kâbad kâbêd
kaw-bad, kaw-bade'
A primitive root; to be heavy, that is, in a bad sense (burdensome, severe, dull) or in a good sense (numerous, rich, honorable); causatively to make weighty (in the same two senses)

KJV Usage: abounding with, more grievously afflict, boast, be chargeable, X be dim, glorify, be (make) glorious (things), glory, (very) great, be grievous, harden, be (make) heavy, be heavier, lay heavily, (bring to, come to, do, get, be had in) honour (self), (be) honourable (man), lade, X more be laid, make self many, nobles, prevail, promote (to honour), be rich, be (go) sore, stop.

H3115 יוכבד yôkebed
From H3068 contracted and H3513; Jehovah-gloried; Jokebed, the mother of Moses

KJV Usage: Jochebed.

H3514 כּבד kôbed
From H3513; weight, multitude, vehemence

KJV Usage: grievousness, heavy, great number.

H3519 כּבד כּבוד kâbôd kâbôd
כּבד כּבוד
kâbôd kâbôd
kaw-bode', kaw-bode'
From H3513; properly weight; but only figuratively in a good sense, splendor or copiousness

KJV Usage: glorious (-ly), glory, honour (-able).

H3520 כּבוּדּה ke bûddâh
ke bûddâh
Irregular feminine passive participle of H3513; weightiness; that is, magnificence, wealth

KJV Usage: carriage, all glorious, stately.