H352 איל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From the same as H193; properly strength; hence anything strong; specifically a chief (politically); also a ram (from his strength); a pilaster (as a strong support); an oak or other strong tree

KJV Usage: mighty (man), lintel, oak, post, ram, tree.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. ram
a. ram (as food)
b. ram (as sacrifice)
c. ram (skin dyed red, for tabernacle)
2. pillar, door post, jambs, pilaster
3. strong man, leader, chief
4. mighty tree, terebinth
Origin: from the same as H193
TWOT: 45d,e,f,g
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 185 occurrences of H352 איל

Genesis 15:9 and a ram
Genesis 22:13 him a ram
Genesis 22:13 the ram,
Genesis 31:38 and the rams
Genesis 32:14 rams,
Exodus 15:15 the mighty men
Exodus 25:5 And rams'
Exodus 26:14 of rams'
Exodus 29:1 rams
Exodus 29:3 rams.
Exodus 29:15 ram;
Exodus 29:15 of the ram.
Exodus 29:16 the ram,
Exodus 29:17 the ram
Exodus 29:18 the whole ram
Exodus 29:19 ram;
Exodus 29:19 of the ram.
Exodus 29:20 the ram,
Exodus 29:22 of the ram
Exodus 29:22 for it is a ram
Exodus 29:26 of the ram
Exodus 29:27 from the ram
Exodus 29:31 the ram
Exodus 29:32 of the ram,
Exodus 35:7 And rams'
Exodus 35:23 of rams,
Exodus 36:19 of rams'
Exodus 39:34 of rams'
Leviticus 5:15 a ram
Leviticus 5:16 for him with the ram

Distinct usage

30 rams,
22 ram,
9 and a ram
9 the ram
6 for the rams,
5 the ram,
4 rams.
4 of the ram.
4 of rams,
4 ram
4 for a ram,
3 ram;
3 and its posts,
3 a ram
2 And rams'
2 of rams'
2 rams
2 the whole ram
2 of the ram
2 the rams
2 and a ram.
2 to a ram,
2 were upon its posts,
2 of the ram,
2 for him with the ram
1 him a ram
1 and the rams
1 the mighty men
1 for it is a ram
1 from the ram
1 of rams'
1 and the ram
1 and of the ram,
1 rams:
1 Or for a ram,
1 for a ram;
1 for the ram,
1 and rams
1 the lintel
1 and the mighty
1 the rams,
1 himself, the mighty
1 of rams;
1 like rams,
1 like rams;
1 of rams:
1 to thee, the rams
1 trees
1 like rams
1 the mighty
1 and rams,
1 between the rams
1 and the posts
1 also posts
1 even to the post
1 and to their posts
1 and upon each post
1 on that side; and its posts
1 its posts
1 were upon its posts:

Corresponding Greek Words

ayil G286 amnos

Related words


H353 איל 'ĕyâl
A variation of H352; strength

KJV Usage: strength.

H354 איּל 'ayâl
An intensive form of H352 (in the sense of ram); a stag or male deer

KJV Usage: hart.

H356 אילן אלון אילון 'êylôn 'êlôn 'êylôn
אילן אלון אילון
'êylôn 'êlôn 'êylôn
ay-lone', ay-lone', ay-lone'
From H352; oakgrove; Elon, the name of a place in Palestine, and also of one Hittite, two Israelite

KJV Usage: Elon.

H359 אילת אילות 'êylôth 'êylath
אילת אילות
'êylôth 'êylath
ay-loth', ay-lath'
From H352; trees or a grove (that is, palms); Eloth or Elath, a place on the Red Sea

KJV Usage: Elath, Eloth.

H361 אלמּה אלם אילם 'êylâm 'êlâm 'êlammâh
אלמּה אלם אילם
'êylâm 'êlâm 'êlammâh
ay-lawm', ay-lawm', ay-lam-maw'
Probably from H352; a pillar space (or colonnade), that is, a pale (or portico)

KJV Usage: arch.

H362 אילם 'êylim
Plural of H352; palm trees; Elim, a place in the Desert

KJV Usage: Elim.

H364 איל פּארן 'êyl pâ'rân
איל פּארן
'êyl pâ'rân
ale paw-rawn'
From H352 and H6290; oak of Paran; El Paran, a portion of the district of Paran

KJV Usage: El-paran.

H410 אל 'êl
Shortened from H352; strength; as adjective mighty; especially the Almighty (but used also of any deity)

KJV Usage: God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might (-y one), power, strong.

Compare names in “-el.”

H424 אלה 'êlâh
Feminine of H352; an oak or other strong tree

KJV Usage: elm, oak, teil tree

H436 אלון 'êlôn
Prolonged from H352; an oak or other strong tree

KJV Usage: plain. See also H356.

H193 אוּל 'ûl

From an unused root meaning to twist, that is, (by implication) be strong; the body (as being rolled together) also powerful

KJV Usage: mighty, strength.