H3701 כּסף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3700; silver (from its pale color); by implication money

KJV Usage: money, price, silver (-ling).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. silver, money
a. silver
1. as metal
2. as ornament
3. as colour
b. money, shekels, talents
Origin: from H3700
TWOT: 1015a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) silver, money
1a) silver
1a1) as metal
1a2) as ornament
1a3) as colour
1b) money, shekels, talents

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First 30 of 402 occurrences of H3701 כּסף

Genesis 13:2 in silver,
Genesis 17:12 with money
Genesis 17:13 with thy money,
Genesis 17:23 with his money,
Genesis 17:27 with money
Genesis 20:16 pieces of silver:
Genesis 23:9 money
Genesis 23:13 thee money
Genesis 23:15 of silver;
Genesis 23:16 the silver,
Genesis 23:16 of silver,
Genesis 24:35 and silver,
Genesis 24:53 of silver,
Genesis 31:15 also our money.
Genesis 37:28 pieces of silver:
Genesis 42:25 money
Genesis 42:27 his money;
Genesis 42:28 My money
Genesis 42:35 of money
Genesis 42:35 of money,
Genesis 43:12 money
Genesis 43:12 and the money
Genesis 43:15 money
Genesis 43:18 of the money
Genesis 43:21 money
Genesis 43:21 our money
Genesis 43:22 money
Genesis 43:22 our money
Genesis 43:23 your money.
Genesis 44:1 money

Distinct usage

40 silver
36 of silver,
22 money
18 of silver
14 of silver.
13 the money
12 and silver,
10 the silver
6 for money,
6 of silver;
6 shekels of silver,
6 of silver:
5 and the silver
5 silver,
4 the silver,
4 of the money
4 pieces of silver,
4 of silver.
4 and in silver,
4 and the silver,
4 pieces of silver.
4 shekels of silver
4 and silver
3 of silver;
3 of silver,
3 with silver,
3 their silver
3 for silver,
2 of money
2 of money,
2 our money
2 all the money
2 without money.
2 part of the money
2 the money,
2 all the silver
2 of them for money,
2 with the silver
2 for money;
2 money,
2 and of silver,
2 in silver,
2 price:
2 for things of silver,
2 and of silver
2 silver;
2 are silver
2 and silver.
2 Thy silver
2 pieces of silver:
2 with money
1 in silver,
1 with thy money,
1 with his money,
1 thee money
1 his money;
1 My money
1 and the money
1 your money.
1 money.

Corresponding Greek Words

keseph G1323 didrachmos
keseph G693 argureos
keseph G694 argurion
keseph G696 arguros
keseph G5092 time
keseph G5536 chrema

Related words


H3702 כּסף ke saph
ke saph
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3701

KJV Usage: money, silver.

H3703 כּספיא kâsiphyâ'
Perhaps from H3701; silvery; Casiphja, a place in Babylon

KJV Usage: Casiphia.

H3700 כּסף kâsaph

A primitive root; properly to become pale, that is, (by implication) to pine after; also to fear

KJV Usage: [have] desire, be greedy, long, sore.