H4347 מכּה מכּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מכּה מכּה
makkâh makkeh
mak-kaw', mak-keh'
(Plural only) from H5221; a blow (in 2 Chronicles 2:10, of the flail); by implication a wound; figuratively carnage, also pestilence

KJV Usage: beaten, blow, plague, slaughter, smote, X sore, stripe, stroke, wound ([-ed]).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מכּה מכּה

1. blow, wound, slaughter
a. blow, stripe
b. beating, scourging
c. wound
d. slaughter
e. defeat, conquest
f. plague
Origin: from H5221
TWOT: 1364d
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) blow, wound, slaughter
1a) blow, stripe
1b) beating, scourging
1c) wound
1d) slaughter
1e) defeat, conquest
1f) plague

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First 30 of 48 occurrences of H4347 מכּה מכּה

Leviticus 26:21 plagues
Numbers 11:33 plague.
Deuteronomy 25:3 stripes,
Deuteronomy 28:59 thy plagues
Deuteronomy 28:59 and the plagues
Deuteronomy 28:59 plagues,
Deuteronomy 28:61 and every plague,
Deuteronomy 29:22 the plagues
Joshua 10:10 slaughter
Joshua 10:20 slaughter,
Judges 11:33 slaughter.
Judges 15:8 slaughter:
1 Samuel 4:8 with all the plagues
1 Samuel 4:10 slaughter;
1 Samuel 6:19 slaughter.
1 Samuel 14:14 slaughter,
1 Samuel 14:30 slaughter
1 Samuel 19:8 slaughter;
1 Samuel 23:5 slaughter.
1 Kings 20:21 slaughter.
1 Kings 22:35 of the wound
2 Kings 8:29 of the wounds
2 Kings 9:15 of the wounds
2 Chronicles 2:10 of beaten
2 Chronicles 13:17 slaughter:
2 Chronicles 22:6 because of the wounds
2 Chronicles 28:5 slaughter.
Esther 9:5 with the stroke
Psalms 64:7 shall they be wounded.
Proverbs 20:30 so do stripes

Distinct usage

5 slaughter.
2 slaughter:
2 slaughter;
2 slaughter,
2 slaughter
2 of the wounds
1 plagues
1 stripes,
1 thy plagues
1 and the plagues
1 plagues,
1 with all the plagues
1 of the wound
1 of beaten
1 because of the wounds
1 shall they be wounded.
1 so do stripes
1 sores:
1 for him according to the slaughter
1 stroke,
1 him, as he smote
1 of their wound.
1 my wound
1 blow.
1 and my wound
1 because of all its plagues.
1 and thy wound
1 thee of thy wounds,
1 at all its plagues.
1 For her wound
1 with the stroke
1 and every plague,
1 thee with the wound
1 the plagues
1 and wounds.
1 plague.
1 thy wound
1 at all her plagues.
1 to him, What are these wounds

Corresponding Greek Words

makkah G2871 kope
makkah G3554 nosos
makkah G4127 plege

Related words


H5221 נכה nâkâh

A primitive root; to strike (lightly or severely, literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: beat, cast forth, clap, give [wounds], X go forward, X indeed, kill, make [slaughter], murderer, punish, slaughter, slay (-er, -ing), smite (-r, -ing), strike, be stricken, (give) stripes, X surely, wound.

H5222 נכה nêkeh
From H5221; a smiter, that is, (figuratively) traducer

KJV Usage: abject.