H5678 עברה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H5676; an outburst of passion

KJV Usage: anger, rage, wrath.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. outpouring, overflow, excess, fury, wrath, arrogance
a. overflow, excess, outburst
b. arrogance
c. overflowing rage or fury
Origin: from H5676
TWOT: 1556d
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) outpouring, overflow, excess, fury, wrath, arrogance
1a) overflow, excess, outburst
1b) arrogance
1c) overflowing rage or fury

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First 30 of 34 occurrences of H5678 עברה

Genesis 49:7 and their wrath,
Job 21:30 of wrath.
Job 40:11 the rage
Psalms 7:6 thyself because of the rage
Psalms 78:49 wrath,
Psalms 85:3 all thy wrath:
Psalms 90:9 in thy wrath:
Psalms 90:11 so is thy wrath.
Proverbs 11:4 of wrath:
Proverbs 11:23 is wrath.
Proverbs 14:35 but his wrath
Proverbs 21:24 wrath.
Proverbs 22:8 of his anger
Isaiah 9:19 Through the wrath
Isaiah 10:6 of my wrath
Isaiah 13:9 both with wrath
Isaiah 13:13 in the wrath
Isaiah 14:6 in wrath
Isaiah 16:6 and his wrath:
Jeremiah 7:29 of his wrath.
Jeremiah 48:30 his wrath,
Lamentations 2:2 in his wrath
Lamentations 3:1 of his wrath.
Ezekiel 7:19 of the wrath
Ezekiel 21:31 of my wrath,
Ezekiel 22:21 of my wrath,
Ezekiel 22:31 of my wrath:
Ezekiel 38:19 of my wrath
Hosea 5:10 my wrath
Hosea 13:11 him away in my wrath.

Distinct usage

2 of my wrath
2 of his wrath.
2 of my wrath,
1 in thy wrath:
1 so is thy wrath.
1 of wrath:
1 is wrath.
1 wrath.
1 Through the wrath
1 in wrath
1 and his wrath:
1 his wrath,
1 my wrath
1 him away in my wrath.
1 was thy wrath
1 wrath;
1 of wrath.
1 of the wrath
1 of his anger
1 his wrath
1 and their wrath,
1 the rage
1 both with wrath
1 in the wrath
1 all thy wrath:
1 wrath,
1 but his wrath
1 thyself because of the rage
1 in his wrath
1 of my wrath:
1 of wrath,

Corresponding Greek Words

evrah G32 aggellos
evrah G622 ap ollumi
evrah G2372 thumos
evrah G3709 orge
evrah G3731 hormema

Related words


H5676 עבר ‛êber

From H5674; properly a region across; but used only adverbially (with or without a preposition) on the opposite side (especially of the Jordan; usually meaning the east)

KJV Usage: X against, beyond, by, X from, over, passage, quarter, (other, this) side, straight.

H5675 עבר ‛ăbar
(Chaldee); corresponding to H5676

KJV Usage: beyond, this side.

H5677 עבר ‛êber
The same as H5676; Eber, the name of two patriarchs and four Israelites

KJV Usage: Eber, Heber.

H5682 עברים ‛ăbârı̂ym
Plural of H5676; regions beyond; Abarim, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Abarim, passages.

H5683 עברן ‛ebrôn
From H5676; transitional; Ebron, a place in Palestine. (Perhaps a clerical error for H5658.)

KJV Usage: Hebron. Perhaps a clerical error for H5658.