H6471 פּעמה פּעם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

פּעמה פּעם
pa‛am pa‛ămâh
pah'-am, pah-am-aw'
From H6470; a stroke, literally or figuratively (in various applications)

KJV Usage: anvil, corner, foot (-step), going, [hundred-] fold, X now, (this) + once, order, rank, step, + thrice, [often-], second, this, two) time (-s), twice, wheel.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


פּעמה פּעם

1. stroke, beat, foot, step, anvil, occurrence
a. foot, hoof-beat, footfall, footstep
b. anvil
c. occurrence, time, stroke, beat
1. one time, once, twice, thrice, as time on time, at this repetition, this once, now at length, now...now, at one time...at another
Origin: from H6470
TWOT: 1793a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) stroke, beat, foot, step, anvil, occurrence
1a) foot, hoof-beat, footfall, footstep
1b) anvil
1c) occurrence, time, stroke, beat
1c1) one time, once, twice, thrice, as time on time, at this repetition, this once, now at length, now...now, at one time...at another

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First 30 of 112 occurrences of H6471 פּעמה פּעם

Genesis 2:23 is now
Genesis 18:32 but this once:
Genesis 27:36 twice:
Genesis 29:34 Now this time
Genesis 29:35 Now
Genesis 30:20 now
Genesis 33:3 times,
Genesis 41:32 twice;
Genesis 43:10 this second time.
Genesis 46:30 Now
Exodus 8:32 at this time
Exodus 9:14 For I will at this time
Exodus 9:27 this time:
Exodus 10:17 only this once,
Exodus 23:17 times
Exodus 25:12 corners;
Exodus 34:23 Three times
Exodus 34:24 three times
Exodus 37:3 corners;
Leviticus 4:6 times
Leviticus 4:17 times
Leviticus 8:11 times,
Leviticus 14:7 times,
Leviticus 14:16 times
Leviticus 14:27 times
Leviticus 14:51 times:
Leviticus 16:14 times.
Leviticus 16:19 times,
Leviticus 25:8 times
Numbers 14:22 times,

Distinct usage

16 times
11 times,
5 Now
4 times:
4 times.
3 as at other times,
2 twice:
2 corners;
2 time,
2 time.
2 rows.
2 to him, How many times
2 of my feet
2 to me at that time
2 but this once:
2 three times
1 is now
1 Now this time
1 twice;
1 this second time.
1 at this time
1 this time:
1 only this once,
1 not, as at other times,
1 once.
1 it once:
1 once,
1 concerning them, Now
1 this once,
1 as at other times before,
1 at this time.
1 corners
1 to him twice,
1 time
1 once
1 often
1 that my footsteps
1 my goings.
1 for his feet.
1 twice
1 For often
1 are thy feet
1 and the steps
1 at this once,
1 Therefore, behold, I will this once
1 in order;
1 I pray thee, but this once
1 three times,
1 my steps
1 as at other times.
1 at once?
1 the wheels
1 twice.
1 for my steps;
1 of his steps.
1 the anvil,
1 thy feet
1 times;
1 but three times.
1 the second time.

Corresponding Greek Words

paam G530 hapax
paam G2487 ichnos
paam G2540 kairos
paam G3313 meros
paam G4228 pou,podos
paam G5550 chronos
paam ni,hithp G1839 ex istemi
paam ni,hithp G5015 tarasso
paam ni. G2795 kineo
hapaam G3568 nun *

Related words


H6472 פּעמן pa‛ămôn
From H6471; a bell (as struck)

KJV Usage: bell.

H6470 פּעם pâ‛am

A primitive root; to tap, that is, beat regularly; hence (generally) to impel or agitate

KJV Usage: move, trouble.