H705 ארבּעים - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Multiple of H702; forty

KJV Usage: forty.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. forty
Origin: multiple of H702
TWOT: 2106b
Parts of Speech:

1) forty

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First 30 of 136 occurrences of H705 ארבּעים

Genesis 5:13 and forty
Genesis 7:4 forty
Genesis 7:4 and forty
Genesis 7:12 forty
Genesis 7:12 and forty
Genesis 7:17 was forty
Genesis 8:6 of forty
Genesis 18:28 there forty
Genesis 18:29 Suppose there shall be forty
Genesis 18:29 it for forty's
Genesis 25:20 was forty
Genesis 26:34 was forty
Genesis 32:15 forty
Genesis 47:28 and forty
Genesis 50:3 And forty
Exodus 16:35 forty
Exodus 24:18 forty
Exodus 24:18 and forty
Exodus 26:19 forty
Exodus 26:21 And their forty
Exodus 34:28 forty
Exodus 34:28 and forty
Exodus 36:24 And forty
Exodus 36:26 And their forty
Leviticus 25:8 shall be to thee forty
Numbers 1:21 were forty
Numbers 1:25 were forty
Numbers 1:33 were forty
Numbers 1:41 were forty
Numbers 2:11 of them, were forty

Distinct usage

42 forty
39 and forty
6 were forty
4 of forty
4 of them, were forty
4 was forty
3 was forty
3 these forty
2 And their forty
2 of them were forty
2 you forty
2 even forty
1 Suppose there shall be forty
1 it for forty's
1 shall be to thee forty
1 of them were forty
1 shall be forty
1 thee these forty
1 among forty
1 And he had forty
1 himself forty
1 had forty
1 it, was forty
1 that lay on forty
1 and reigned forty
1 In the fortieth
1 and fortieth
1 Yea, forty
1 of it, forty
1 there forty
1 Yet forty
1 of them, forty
1 And it came to pass in the fortieth
1 About forty
1 there, in the fortieth

Related words


H702 ארבּעה ארבּע 'arba‛ 'arbâ‛âh

ארבּעה ארבּע
'arba‛ 'arbâ‛âh
ar-bah', ar-baw-aw'
The second form is the masculine form; from H7251; four

KJV Usage: four.

H703 ארבּע 'arba‛
(Chaldee); corresponding to H702

KJV Usage: four.

H704 ארבּע 'arba‛
The same as H702; Arba, one of the Anakim

KJV Usage: Arba.

H706 ארבּעתּים 'arba‛tayim
Dual of H702; fourfold

KJV Usage: fourfold.

H7153 קרית הארבּע קרית ארבּע qiryath 'arba‛ qiryath hâ'arba‛
קרית הארבּע קרית ארבּע
qiryath 'arba‛ qiryath hâ'arba‛
(keer-yath') ar-bah', haw-ar-bah'
The second form, used in Nehemiah 11:25, has the article interposed; from H7151 and H704 or H702; city of Arba, or city of the four (giants); Kirjath-Arba or Kirjath-ha-Arba, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Kirjath-arba.

H7251 רבע râba‛
A primitive root (rather identical with H7250 through the idea of sprawling at all fours (or possibly the reverse is the order of derivation); compare H702); properly to be four (sided); used only as denominative of H7253; to be quadrate

KJV Usage: (four-) square (-d).