H7243 רבעי רביעי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

רבעי רביעי
re bı̂y‛ı̂y rebi‛ı̂y
reb-ee-ee', reb-ee-ee'
From H7251; fourth; also (fractionally) a fourth

KJV Usage: four-square, fourth (part).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


רבעי רביעי

1. fourth
a. fourth
b. four square
c. fourth part
Origin: from H7251
TWOT: 2107c
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) fourth
1a) fourth
1b) four square
1c) fourth part

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First 30 of 55 occurrences of H7243 רבעי רביעי

Genesis 1:19 were the fourth
Genesis 2:14 And the fourth
Genesis 15:16 But in the fourth
Exodus 28:20 And the fourth
Exodus 29:40 and the fourth part
Exodus 39:13 And the fourth
Leviticus 23:13 the fourth
Numbers 7:30 On the fourth
Numbers 15:4 with the fourth
Numbers 15:5 And the fourth
Numbers 28:5 with a fourth
Numbers 28:7 shall be the fourth
Numbers 28:14 and a fourth
Numbers 29:23 And on the fourth
Joshua 19:17 And the fourth
Judges 19:5 And it came to pass on the fourth
2 Samuel 3:4 And the fourth,
1 Kings 6:1 in the fourth
1 Kings 6:33 a fourth part
1 Kings 6:37 In the fourth
2 Kings 10:30 of the fourth
2 Kings 15:12 to the fourth
2 Kings 18:9 And it came to pass in the fourth
1 Chronicles 2:14 the fourth,
1 Chronicles 3:2 the fourth,
1 Chronicles 3:15 the fourth
1 Chronicles 8:2 the fourth,
1 Chronicles 12:10 the fourth,
1 Chronicles 23:19 the fourth.
1 Chronicles 24:8 the fourth

Distinct usage

9 In the fourth
6 And the fourth
6 the fourth,
5 the fourth
2 And on the fourth
2 And it came to pass in the fourth
2 the fourth.
2 And in the fourth
2 of the fourth
1 were the fourth
1 and the fourth part
1 with the fourth
1 with a fourth
1 shall be the fourth
1 and a fourth
1 And the fourth,
1 a fourth part
1 to the fourth
1 the fourth:
1 captain for the fourth
1 Now on the fourth
1 one fourth part
1 and another fourth part
1 foursquare,
1 But in the fourth
1 On the fourth
1 And the fourth
1 And it came to pass on the fourth

Corresponding Greek Words

revii G5066 tetartaios
revii G5067 tetartos

Related words


H7244 רביעי re bı̂y‛ay
re bı̂y‛ay
(Chaldee); corresponding to H7243

KJV Usage: fourth.

H7251 רבע râba‛

A primitive root (rather identical with H7250 through the idea of sprawling at all fours (or possibly the reverse is the order of derivation); compare H702); properly to be four (sided); used only as denominative of H7253; to be quadrate

KJV Usage: (four-) square (-d).

H702 ארבּעה ארבּע 'arba‛ 'arbâ‛âh
ארבּעה ארבּע
'arba‛ 'arbâ‛âh
ar-bah', ar-baw-aw'
The second form is the masculine form; from H7251; four

KJV Usage: four.

H7253 רבע reba‛
From H7251; a fourth (part or side)

KJV Usage: fourth part, side, square.

H7255 רבע rôba‛
From H7251; a quarter

KJV Usage: fourth part.

H7256 רבּע ribbêa‛
From H7251; a descendant of the fourth generation, that is, great great grandchild

KJV Usage: fourth.