H7399 רכשׁ רכוּשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

רכשׁ רכוּשׁ
re kûsh re kûsh
rek-oosh', rek-oosh'
From passive participle of H7408; property (as gathered)

KJV Usage: good, riches, substance.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


רכשׁ רכוּשׁ

1. property, goods, possessions
a. property, goods
1. general term for all movable goods
2. of livestock
3. of stores, utensils, etc
Origin: from pass part of H7408
TWOT: 2167b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) property, goods, possessions
1a) property, goods
1a1) general term for all movable goods
1a2) of livestock
1a3) of stores, utensils, etc

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28 occurrences of H7399 רכשׁ רכוּשׁ

Genesis 12:5 and all their substance
Genesis 13:6 for their substance
Genesis 14:11 all the goods
Genesis 14:12 and his goods,
Genesis 14:16 all the goods,
Genesis 14:16 and his goods,
Genesis 14:21 the goods
Genesis 15:14 substance.
Genesis 31:18 and all his goods
Genesis 36:7 For their riches
Genesis 46:6 and their goods,
Numbers 16:32 and all their goods.
Numbers 35:3 and for their goods,
1 Chronicles 27:31 of the substance
1 Chronicles 28:1 over all the substance
2 Chronicles 20:25 both riches
2 Chronicles 21:14 and all thy goods:
2 Chronicles 21:17 all the substance
2 Chronicles 31:3 of his substance
2 Chronicles 32:29 him substance
2 Chronicles 35:7 substance.
Ezra 1:4 and with goods,
Ezra 1:6 with goods,
Ezra 8:21 and for all our substance.
Ezra 10:8 all his substance
Daniel 11:13 riches.
Daniel 11:24 and riches:
Daniel 11:28 riches;

Distinct usage

2 and his goods,
2 substance.
1 for their substance
1 all the goods
1 all the goods,
1 the goods
1 and all his goods
1 and their goods,
1 and all their goods.
1 and for their goods,
1 of the substance
1 all the substance
1 of his substance
1 him substance
1 and with goods,
1 with goods,
1 riches.
1 and riches:
1 riches;
1 and all their substance
1 over all the substance
1 For their riches
1 all his substance
1 and all thy goods:
1 and for all our substance.
1 both riches

Corresponding Greek Words

rekhush G2934 ktenos
rekhush G5223 huparxis
rekhush G5225 huparcho
rekhush G5536 chrema

Related words


H7408 רכשׁ râkash

A primitive root; to lay up, that is, collect

KJV Usage: gather, get.

H7409 רכשׁ rekesh
From H7408; a relay of animals on a post route (as stored up for that purpose); by implication a courser

KJV Usage: dromedary, mule, swift beast.