H7433 רמות גּלעד רמת גּלעד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

רמות גּלעד רמת גּלעד
râmôth gil‛âd râmôth gil‛âd
raw-moth' gil-awd'
From the plural of H7413 and H1568; heights of Gilad; Ramoth Gilad, a place East of the Jordan

KJV Usage: Ramoth-gilead, Ramoth in Gilead. See also H7216.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


רמות גּלעד רמת גּלעד
Ramoth = "heights" n pr m
1. an Israelite who had a foreign wife in the time of Ezra n pr loc
2. Ramoth-gilead - a place in Gilead
a. site dubious
Origin: from the pl. of H7413 and H1568
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

ra.mot gi.l.ad
N:N-M-P / N:N--L
Ramoth = "heights"
n pr m
1) an Israelite who had a foreign wife in the time of Ezra
n pr loc
2) Ramoth-gilead-a place in Gilead
2a) site dubious

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22 occurrences of H7433 רמות גּלעד רמת גּלעד

Joshua 21:38 Ramoth
1 Kings 4:13 in Ramothgilead;
1 Kings 22:3 ye that Ramoth
1 Kings 22:4 to Ramothgilead?
1 Kings 22:6 against Ramothgilead
1 Kings 22:12 to Ramothgilead,
1 Kings 22:15 against Ramothgilead
1 Kings 22:20 at Ramothgilead?
1 Kings 22:29 to Ramothgilead.
2 Kings 8:28 in Ramothgilead;
2 Kings 9:1 to Ramothgilead:
2 Kings 9:4 to Ramothgilead.
2 Kings 9:14 Ramothgilead,
2 Chronicles 18:2 with him to Ramothgilead.
2 Chronicles 18:3 with me to Ramothgilead?
2 Chronicles 18:5 to Ramothgilead
2 Chronicles 18:11 to Ramothgilead,
2 Chronicles 18:14 to Ramothgilead
2 Chronicles 18:19 at Ramothgilead?
2 Chronicles 18:28 to Ramothgilead.
2 Chronicles 22:5 at Ramothgilead:
Ezra 10:29 and Ramoth.

Distinct usage

3 to Ramothgilead.
2 in Ramothgilead;
2 at Ramothgilead?
2 to Ramothgilead
2 to Ramothgilead,
2 against Ramothgilead
1 Ramoth
1 ye that Ramoth
1 to Ramothgilead?
1 Ramothgilead,
1 with him to Ramothgilead.
1 with me to Ramothgilead?
1 at Ramothgilead:
1 and Ramoth.
1 to Ramothgilead:

Related words


H7413 רמה râmâh

Feminine active participle of H7311; a height (as a seat of idolatry)

KJV Usage: high place.

H7414 רמה râmâh
The same as H7413; Ramah, the name of four places in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ramah.

H7418 רמת נגב רמות־נגב râmôth - negeb râmath negeb
רמת נגב רמות־נגב
râmôth - negeb râmath negeb
raw-moth-neh'-gheb, raw'-math neh'-gheb
From the plural or constructive of H7413 and H5045; heights (or height) of the South; Ramoth-Negeb or Ramoth-Negeb, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: south Ramoth, Ramath of the south.

H7434 רמת המּצפּה râmath hammitspeh
רמת המּצפּה
râmath hammitspeh
raw-math' ham-mits-peh'
From H7413 and H4707 with the article interposed; height of the watch tower; Ramath ham Mitspeh, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ramath-mizpeh.

H7436 רמתים צופים râmâthayim tsôphı̂ym
רמתים צופים
râmâthayim tsôphı̂ym
raw-maw-thah'-yim tso-feem'
From the dual of H7413 and the plural of the active participle of H6822; double height of watchers; Ramathajim Tsophim, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ramathaim-zophim.

H7437 רמת לחי râmath lechı̂y
רמת לחי
râmath lechı̂y
raw'-math lekh'-ee
From H7413 and H3895; height of a jaw bone; Ramath Lechi, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ramath-lehi.

שׁמרימות שׁמירמות o
she mı̂yrâmôth she mârı̂ymôth
shem-ee-raw-moth', shem-aw-ree-moth'
Probably from H8034 and plural of H7413; name of heights; Shemiramoth, the name of two Israelites

KJV Usage: Shemiramoth.

H1568 גּלעד gil‛âd

Probably from H1567; Gilad, a region East of the Jordan; also the name of three Israelites

KJV Usage: Gilead, Gileadite.

H1569 גּלעדי gil‛âdı̂y
Patronymic from H1568; a Giladite or descendant of Gilad

KJV Usage: Gileadite.

H3003 יבישׁ יבשׁ yâbêsh yâbêysh
יבישׁ יבשׁ
yâbêsh yâbêysh
yaw-bashe', yaw-bashe'
The same as H3002. (Also, often with the addition of H1568, i.e. Jabesh of Gilad); Jabesh, the name of an Israelite and of a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Jabesh ([-Gilead]).

H7216 ראמת ראמות râ'môth râ'môth

ראמת ראמות
râ'môth râ'môth
raw-moth', raw-moth'
Plural of H7215; heights; Ramoth, the name of two places in Palestine

KJV Usage: Ramoth.