H8548 תּמיד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to stretch; properly continuance (as indefinite extension); but used only (attributively as adjective) constant (or adverbially constantly); elliptically the regular (daily) sacrifice

KJV Usage: alway (-s), continual (employment, -ly), daily, ([n-]) ever (-more), perpetual.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. continuity, perpetuity, to stretch
a. continually, continuously (as adverb)
b. continuity (subst)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to stretch
TWOT: 1157a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) continuity, perpetuity, to stretch
1a) continually, continuously (as adverb)
1b) continuity (subst)

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First 30 of 104 occurrences of H8548 תּמיד

Exodus 25:30 me always.
Exodus 27:20 always.
Exodus 28:29 continually.
Exodus 28:30 continually.
Exodus 28:38 and it shall be always
Exodus 29:38 continually.
Exodus 29:42 This shall be a continual
Exodus 30:8 upon it, a perpetual
Leviticus 6:13 shall ever
Leviticus 6:20 perpetual,
Leviticus 24:2 continually.
Leviticus 24:3 continually:
Leviticus 24:4 continually.
Leviticus 24:8 continually,
Numbers 4:7 and the continual
Numbers 4:16 and the daily
Numbers 9:16 So it was always:
Numbers 28:3 for a continual
Numbers 28:6 It is a continual
Numbers 28:10 besides the continual
Numbers 28:15 besides the continual
Numbers 28:23 which is for a continual
Numbers 28:24 besides the continual
Numbers 28:31 them besides the continual
Numbers 29:6 and the daily
Numbers 29:11 and the continual
Numbers 29:16 besides the continual
Numbers 29:19 besides the continual
Numbers 29:22 besides the continual
Numbers 29:25 besides the continual

Distinct usage

16 continually
11 continually.
11 besides the continual
8 continually,
3 and for the continual
3 always
2 and the continual
2 and the daily
2 for a continual
2 is continually
1 shall ever
1 perpetual,
1 So it was always:
1 It is a continual
1 which is for a continual
1 them besides the continual
1 are always
1 by us continually.
1 was a daily
1 are ever
1 shall continually
1 to have been continually
1 shall be continually
1 for him continually;
1 Nevertheless I am continually
1 evermore.
1 continually;
1 which shall never
1 there was a continual
1 for the continual task
1 and by him the daily
1 the daily
1 that the daily
1 thee continually,
1 is ever
1 him against the daily
1 concerning the daily
1 which have been always
1 always:
1 hath a continual
1 me always.
1 and it shall be always
1 This shall be a continual
1 upon it, a perpetual
1 continually:
1 daily
1 commanded to them, continually
1 and he continually
1 where I may continually
1 always.
1 continually?
1 are continually
1 offered the continual
1 them continually

Corresponding Greek Words

tamid G104 aei
tamid G165 aion
tamid G2378 thusia
tamid G3650 holos
tamid G3956 pas, pasa, pan
tamid G3956 pas, pasa, pan
tamid G5056 telos

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