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Luke 1:3

3 I determined also, assoone as I had searched out diligently all thinges from the begynnyng, that then I woulde write vnto thee, moste excellent Theophilus

Colossians 1:16-17

16 For by him were all thinges created, that are in heaue and that are in earth, visible and inuisible, whether [they be] maiestie or lordeshippe, either rule or power: All thynges were created by hym and for hym 17 And he is before all thynges, and in hym all thynges consist

Hebrews 13:7

7 Remember them which haue the ouersyght of you, which haue spoken vnto you the worde of God: Whose ende of conuersation ye consideryng, folowe their fayth

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

1 Euery thyng hath a tyme, yea all that is vnder the heaue hath his conuenient season 2 There is a tyme to be borne, and a tyme to dye: there is a tyme to plant, and a tyme to plucke vp the thyng that is planted 3 A tyme to slay, and a tyme to make whole: a tyme to breake downe, and a tyme to builde vp 4 A tyme to weepe, and a tyme to laugh: a tyme to mourne, & a tyme to daunce 5 A tyme to cast away stones, and a tyme to gather stones together: A tyme to imbrace, and a tyme to refrayne from imbracyng 6 A tyme to wynne, and a tyme to lose: A tyme to spare, and a tyme to spende 7 A tyme to cut in peeces, and a tyme to sowe together: A tyme to kepe scilence, and a tyme to speake 8 A tyme to loue, and a tyme to hate: A tyme of warre, and a tyme of peace 9 What hath a man els that doth any thyng, but weerinesse and labour 10 For as touchyng the trauayle and carefulnesse which God hath geuen vnto men, I see that he hath geuen it them to be exercised in it 11 All this hath he ordeyned marueilous goodly, to euery thyng his due tyme: He hath planted ignoraunce also in the heartes of men, that they shoulde not comprehende the ground of his workes which he doth from the begynnyng to the ende 12 So I perceaued that in those thinges there is nothyng better for a man then to be mery, and to do well as long as he lyueth 13 For all that a man eateth & drynketh, yea whatsoeuer a man enioyeth of all his labour: that same is a gyft of God 14 I considered also that whatsoeuer God doth, it continueth for euer: And that nothyng can be put vnto it, nor taken from it, & that God doth it to the intent that men shoulde feare hym 15 The thyng that hath ben, is nowe: and the thyng that is for to come, hath ben afore time: for God restoreth againe the thyng that was past 16 Moreouer, I sawe vnder the sunne vngodlynes in the steade of iudgement, & iniquitie in steade of righteousnesse 17 Then thought I in my mynde, God shall separate the ryghteous from the vngodly: and then shalbe the tyme and iudgement of all counsayles & workes 18 I communed with myne owne heart also concernyng the children of men, howe God hath chosen them, and yet letteth them appeare as though they were beastes 19 For it happeneth vnto men as it doth vnto beastes, euen one condition vnto them both: as the one dyeth so dyeth the other, yea they haue both one maner of breath: so that in this a man hath no preeminence aboue a beast, but are all subdued vnto vanitie 20 They go all vnto one place: for as they be all of dust, so shall they all turne vnto dust agayne 21 Who knoweth the spirite of man that goeth vpwarde, & the breath of the beast that goeth downe to the earth 22 Wherfore I perceaue that there is nothyng better for a man then to be ioyfull in his labour, for that is his portion: But who wyll bryng hym to see the thyng that shall come after hym

Proverbs 24:30-32

30 I went by the fielde of the slouthfull, and by the vineyarde of the foolishe man 31 And lo, it was all couered with nettles, and stoode full of thornes, and the stone wall was broken downe 32 This I sawe, and considered it well: I looked vpon it, and toke it for a warning

Romans 12:2

2 And fasshion not your selues lyke vnto this worlde, but be ye chaunged in your shape, by ye renuing of your minde, that ye may proue what is the wyll of God, good, and acceptable, and perfect

Titus 2:3-5

3 The elder women lykewyse, that they be in such behauiour as becometh holynesse, not false accusers, not geuen to much wine, teachers of good thinges 4 To make the young women sober mynded, to loue their husbandes, to loue their chyldren 5 (To be) discrete, chaste, house kepers, good, obedient vnto their owne husbandes, that the worde of God be not blasphemed

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the beginnyng GOD created ye heauen and the earth 2 And the earth was without fourme, and was voyde: & darknes [was] vpon the face of the deepe, and the spirite of God moued vpon the face of the waters 3 And God sayde, let there be light: and there was light 4 And God sawe the lyght that it was good: and God deuided the lyght from the darknes 5 And God called the light day, and the darknes night: and the euenyng & the mornyng were the first day 6 And God said: let there be a firmament betwene the waters, and let it make a diuision betwene waters and waters 7 And God made the firmament, and set the diuision betwene the waters which [were] vnder the firmament, and the waters that [were] aboue the firmament: and it was so 8 And God called the firmament the heauen: and the euenyng and the mornyng were the seconde day 9 And God saide: let the waters vnder the heauen be gathered together into one place, and let the drye lande appeare: and it was so 10 And God called the drie lande ye earth, and the gatheryng together of waters called he the seas: and God sawe that it was good 11 And God sayde: let the earth bryng foorth [both] budde and hearbe apt to seede, and fruitfull trees yeeldyng fruite after his kynde, which hath seede in it selfe vpon the earth: and it was so 12 And the earth brought forth [both] bud and hearbe apt to seede after his kynde, and tree yeeldyng fruite, whiche hath seede in it selfe, after his kynde 13 And God sawe that it was good. And the euenyng and the mornyng were the thirde day 14 And God sayde: let there be lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they may deuide the day and the nyght, and let them be for signes, & seasons, and for dayes, and yeres 15 And let them be for lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they maye geue light vpo the earth: and it was so 16 And God made two great lyghtes: a greater lyght to rule the day, and a lesse lyght to rule the nyght, and [he made] starres also 17 And God set them in the firmament of the heauen, to shyne vpon the earth 18 And to rule the day and nyght, and to make difference betweene the lyght and the darknesse: and God saw that it was good 19 And the euenyng and the mornyng were the fourth day 20 And God sayde: let the waters bryng foorth mouyng creature that hath lyfe, and foule that may flee vpon the earth in the open firmament of heauen 21 And God created great whales, and euery lyuyng & mouing creature, which the waters brought foorth after theyr kynde, & euery fethered foule after their kynde: and God saw that it was good 22 And God blessed them, saying: Be fruiteful, and multiplie, and fyll the waters of the sea, and let foule multiplie in the earth 23 And the euenyng and mornyng were the fift day 24 And God sayde: let the earth bryng foorth lyuyng creature after his kynde, cattell, worme, and beastes of the earth after his kynde: and it was so 25 God made the beast of the earth after his kynde, and cattell after his kynde, and euery thyng that creepeth vpon the earth after his kynde: and God sawe that it was good 26 God saide: let vs make man in our image, after our lykenesse, and let them haue rule of the fisshe of the sea, & of the foule of the ayre, and of cattell, & of all the earth, and of euery creepyng thyng that creepeth vpon the earth 27 So God created man in his owne image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them 28 And God blessed them, and God sayde vnto them: be fruitefull, & multiplie, and replenishe the earth, & subdue it, and haue dominion of the fisshe of the sea, and foule of the ayre, & of euery lyuing thing that moueth vpon the earth 29 And God sayde: beholde, I haue geuen you euery hearbe bearing seede, which is in the vpper face of all ye earth, and euery tree in the which is the fruite of a tree bearing seede, [that] they may be meate vnto you 30 To euery beast of the earth also, and to euery birde of the aire, and to euery such thing that creepeth vpon ye earth, which doth liue, I haue geuen euery greene hearbe for meate: and it was so 31 And God sawe euery thyng that he had made: and beholde, it was exceedyng good. And the euenyng & the mornyng were the sixth day

1 Corinthians 14:40

40 Let all thynges be done honestlie and in order

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