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Psalms 150:1-6

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, prayse ye the Lord in his sanctuarie: praise ye him in the firmament of his power 2 Prayse ye hym in his strength: prayse ye hym in his excellent greatnesse 3 Prayse ye hym in the sounde of a trumpet: prayse ye hym vpon a Lute and an Harpe 4 Prayse ye hym with a tabret and a daunce: prayse ye him vpon the stringes and vpon the Organes 5 Prayse ye hym vpon the well tuned Cimbales: prayse ye hym vpon the loude Cimbales 6 Euery thyng that draweth breath: ought to prayse the Lorde. Prayse ye the Lorde

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the beginnyng GOD created ye heauen and the earth 2 And the earth was without fourme, and was voyde: & darknes [was] vpon the face of the deepe, and the spirite of God moued vpon the face of the waters 3 And God sayde, let there be light: and there was light 4 And God sawe the lyght that it was good: and God deuided the lyght from the darknes 5 And God called the light day, and the darknes night: and the euenyng & the mornyng were the first day 6 And God said: let there be a firmament betwene the waters, and let it make a diuision betwene waters and waters 7 And God made the firmament, and set the diuision betwene the waters which [were] vnder the firmament, and the waters that [were] aboue the firmament: and it was so 8 And God called the firmament the heauen: and the euenyng and the mornyng were the seconde day 9 And God saide: let the waters vnder the heauen be gathered together into one place, and let the drye lande appeare: and it was so 10 And God called the drie lande ye earth, and the gatheryng together of waters called he the seas: and God sawe that it was good 11 And God sayde: let the earth bryng foorth [both] budde and hearbe apt to seede, and fruitfull trees yeeldyng fruite after his kynde, which hath seede in it selfe vpon the earth: and it was so 12 And the earth brought forth [both] bud and hearbe apt to seede after his kynde, and tree yeeldyng fruite, whiche hath seede in it selfe, after his kynde 13 And God sawe that it was good. And the euenyng and the mornyng were the thirde day 14 And God sayde: let there be lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they may deuide the day and the nyght, and let them be for signes, & seasons, and for dayes, and yeres 15 And let them be for lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they maye geue light vpo the earth: and it was so 16 And God made two great lyghtes: a greater lyght to rule the day, and a lesse lyght to rule the nyght, and [he made] starres also 17 And God set them in the firmament of the heauen, to shyne vpon the earth 18 And to rule the day and nyght, and to make difference betweene the lyght and the darknesse: and God saw that it was good 19 And the euenyng and the mornyng were the fourth day 20 And God sayde: let the waters bryng foorth mouyng creature that hath lyfe, and foule that may flee vpon the earth in the open firmament of heauen 21 And God created great whales, and euery lyuyng & mouing creature, which the waters brought foorth after theyr kynde, & euery fethered foule after their kynde: and God saw that it was good 22 And God blessed them, saying: Be fruiteful, and multiplie, and fyll the waters of the sea, and let foule multiplie in the earth 23 And the euenyng and mornyng were the fift day 24 And God sayde: let the earth bryng foorth lyuyng creature after his kynde, cattell, worme, and beastes of the earth after his kynde: and it was so 25 God made the beast of the earth after his kynde, and cattell after his kynde, and euery thyng that creepeth vpon the earth after his kynde: and God sawe that it was good 26 God saide: let vs make man in our image, after our lykenesse, and let them haue rule of the fisshe of the sea, & of the foule of the ayre, and of cattell, & of all the earth, and of euery creepyng thyng that creepeth vpon the earth 27 So God created man in his owne image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them 28 And God blessed them, and God sayde vnto them: be fruitefull, & multiplie, and replenishe the earth, & subdue it, and haue dominion of the fisshe of the sea, and foule of the ayre, & of euery lyuing thing that moueth vpon the earth 29 And God sayde: beholde, I haue geuen you euery hearbe bearing seede, which is in the vpper face of all ye earth, and euery tree in the which is the fruite of a tree bearing seede, [that] they may be meate vnto you 30 To euery beast of the earth also, and to euery birde of the aire, and to euery such thing that creepeth vpon ye earth, which doth liue, I haue geuen euery greene hearbe for meate: and it was so 31 And God sawe euery thyng that he had made: and beholde, it was exceedyng good. And the euenyng & the mornyng were the sixth day

Exodus 20:8-11

8 Remember the sabboth day that thou sanctifie it 9 Sixe dayes shalt thou labour, and do all that thou hast to do 10 But the seuenth day is the sabboth of the Lorde thy God: in it thou shalt do no maner of worke, thou and thy sonne, and thy daughter, thy man seruaunt, and thy mayde seruaunt, thy cattel, and the straunger that is within thy gates 11 For in sixe dayes the Lorde made heauen and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seuenth day: wherfore the Lorde blessed the seuenth day, and halowed it

Acts 20:7

7 And vpon one of the Sabboth dayes, when the disciples came together for to breake bread, Paul reasoned with the, redy to depart on the morowe, and continued the worde vnto mydnyght

Luke 24:1-53

1 But vpon the first day of the Sabbathes, [very] early in the mornyng, they came vnto the sepulchre, & brought ye sweete odours which they had prepared, and other women with them 2 And they founde the stone rolled away from the sepulchre 3 And they went in: but founde not the body of the Lorde Iesu 4 And it came to passe, as they were amased therat: Beholde, two men stoode by them in shinyng garmentes 5 And as they were afrayde, and bowed downe their faces to the earth, they said vnto them: Why seeke ye the lyuyng among the dead 6 He is not here, but is risen: Remember howe he spake vnto you, when he was yet in Galilee 7 Saying: that the sonne of man must be deliuered into the handes of sinfull men, and be crucified, and the thirde day rise agayne 8 And they remembred his wordes 9 And returned from the sepulchre, and tolde all these thinges vnto those eleuen, and to all the remnaunt 10 It was Marie Magdalene, and Ioanna, and Marie Iacobi, and other that were with them, which tolde these thinges vnto the Apostles 11 And their wordes seemed vnto them fayned thynges, neither beleued they them 12 Then arose Peter, and ran vnto the sepulchre, and loked in, and sawe the linnen clothes layde by them selues, and departed, wondryng in him selfe at that which was come to passe 13 And beholde, two of them went that same day to a towne called Emaus, which was from Hierusalem about threescore furlonges 14 And they talked together of all these thynges that were done 15 And it came to passe, that whyle they communed together & reasoned, Iesus him selfe drewe neare, and went with them 16 But their eyes were holden, that they shoulde not knowe him 17 And he sayde vnto them: What maner of communications are these that ye haue one to another as ye walke, and are sad 18 And the one of them, whose name was Cleophas, aunswered, and sayde to him: Art thou only a straunger in Hierusalem, & hast not knowen the thinges which are come to passe there, in these dayes 19 He sayde vnto them: what thynges? And they sayde vnto him: Of Iesus of Nazareth, whiche was a prophete, mightie in deede and worde before God and all the people 20 And howe the hye priestes, and our rulers deliuered him to be condempned to death, and haue crucified him 21 But we trusted that it had ben he which shoulde haue redeemed Israel: And as touchyng all these thynges, to day is euen the thirde day, that they were done 22 Yea, and certayne women also of our companie made vs astonied, which came early vnto the sepulchre 23 And founde not his body, and came, saying that they had seene a vision of angels, which sayde that he was alyue 24 And certayne of them which were with vs, went to the sepulchre, & founde it euen so as the women had sayde: but hym they sawe not 25 And he sayde vnto them: O fooles and slowe of heart, to beleue all that the prophetes haue spoken 26 Ought not Christe to haue suffered these thinges, & to enter into his glory 27 And he began at Moyses, and all the prophetes, and interpreted vnto them in all Scriptures which were writen of hym 28 And they drewe nye vnto the towne which they went vnto, and he made as though he would haue gone further 29 And they constrayned hym, saying: abyde with vs, for it draweth towarde nyght, and the day is farre passed. And he went in to tary with them 30 And it came to passe, as he sate at meate with them, he toke bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gaue to them 31 And their eyes were opened, and they knewe him: and he vanished out of their syght 32 And they sayde betweene them selues: Dyd not our heartes burne within vs, whyle he talked with vs by the way, and opened vnto vs the scriptures 33 And they rose vp the same houre, and returned [agayne] to Hierusalem, and founde the eleuen gathered together, and them that were with them 34 Saying: The Lorde is rysen in deede, and hath appeared to Simon 35 And they tolde what thynges were done in the way, and howe they knewe him in breakyng of bread 36 And as they thus spake, Iesus him selfe stoode in the middes of them, and saith vnto them: Peace be vnto you 37 But they were abasshed and afrayde, & supposed that they had seene a spirite 38 And he sayde vnto them: Why are ye troubled, and why do thoughtes arise in your heartes 39 Beholde my handes and my feete, that it is euen I my selfe: Handle me and see, for a spirite hath not fleshe and bones, as ye see me haue 40 And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his handes and his feete 41 And whyle they yet beleued not for ioy, and wondred, he sayde vnto them: Haue ye heare any meate 42 And they offered him a peece of a broyled fishe, and of an hony combe 43 And he toke it, and dyd eate before them 44 And he sayde vnto them: These are the wordes which I spake vnto you, whyle I was yet with you, that all must [needes] be fulfylled, which were written of me in the law of Moyses, and in the prophetes, and in the psalmes 45 Then opened he their wittes, that they myght vnderstande the scriptures 46 And sayde vnto them: Thus is it written, and thus it behoued Christe to suffer, and to rise agayne from death the thirde day 47 And that repentaunce and remission of sinnes shoulde be preached in his name among all nations, and must begyn at Hierusalem 48 And ye are witnesses of these thynges 49 And beholde I wyll sende the promise of my father vpon you: But tary ye in the citie of Hierusalem, vntyll ye be endued with power from an hye 50 And he led them out into Bethanie, and lift vp his handes, & blessed them 51 And it came to passe, as he blessed them, he departed from them, and was caryed vp into heauen 52 And they worshipped him, and returned to Hierusalem with great ioy 53 And were continually in the temple, praysyng and laudyng God. Amen

John 20:1-31

1 The first day of ye Sabbothes, came Marie Magdalene early, whe it was yet darke, vnto the sepulchre, and sawe the stone taken awaye from the graue 2 Then she ranne, & came to Simo Peter, & to the other disciple who Iesus loued, & saith vnto the: They haue take away the Lorde out of the graue, & we can not tell where they haue layde him 3 Peter therfore went foorth, and that other disciple, & came to the sepulchre 4 They ran both together, & the other disciple did outrun Peter, and came first to the sepulchre 5 And when he had stowped downe, he sawe the linnen clothes lying, yet went he not in 6 Then came Simon Peter folowyng hym, and went into the sepulchre, and sawe the lynnen clothes lye 7 And the napkin yt was about his head not lying with the linnen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by it selfe 8 Then went in also that other disciple, whiche came first to the sepulchre, and he sawe, and beleued 9 For as yet they knew not ye scripture, that he should rise agayne from death 10 Then the disciples wet away agayne vnto their owne house 11 Marie stoode without at the sepulchre weepyng: So, as she wepte, she bowed her selfe into the sepulchre 12 And seeth two angels clothed in white, sittyng, the one at the head, & the other at the feete, where the body of Iesus was layde 13 They saye vnto her: Woman, why weepest thou? She saith vnto the: For they haue taken away my Lorde, & I wote not where they haue layde him 14 When she had thus sayde, she turned her selfe backe, and sawe Iesus standyng, and knewe not that it was Iesus 15 Iesus saith vnto her: Woman, why weepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She supposing that he had ben the gardener, saith vnto him: Sir, if thou haue borne him hence, tel me where thou hast layde hym, and I wyll fet hym 16 Iesus sayth vnto her, Marie. She turned her selfe, and sayde vnto hym: Rabboni, which is to say, Maister 17 Iesus saith vnto her: Touche me not, for I am not yet ascended to my father: But go to my brethren, and saye vnto them, I ascende vnto my father and your father, and to my God & your God 18 Marie Magdalene came and tolde the disciples that she had seene ye Lorde, and that he had spoken suche thynges vnto her 19 The same day at nyght, whiche was the first day of the Sabbothes, when the doores were shut, where the disciples were assembled together for feare of the Iewes, came Iesus and stoode in the myddes, and sayth vnto them, peace be vnto you 20 And when he had so sayde, he shewed vnto them his handes & his syde. Then were the disciples glad, when they sawe the Lorde 21 Then sayde Iesus to them agayne, peace be vnto you: As my father sent me, euen so sende I you also 22 And when he had saide those wordes, he breathed on them, & saith vnto them: Receaue ye the holy ghost 23 Whosoeuers sinnes ye remit, they are remitted vnto them: And whosoeuers sinnes ye retayne, they are retayned 24 But Thomas, one of the twelue, [which is] called Didymus, was not with them when Iesus came 25 The other disciples therfore sayde vnto hym, we haue seene the Lorde. But he sayde vnto them: Except I see in his handes the print of the nayles, and put my fynger into the prynt of the nayles, and thruste my hande into his syde, I wyll not beleue 26 And after eyght dayes, againe his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: Then came Iesus, when the doores were shutte, and stoode in the myddes, and sayde, peace be vnto you 27 After that said he to Thomas: Bring thy fynger hyther, and see my handes, & reache hyther thy hande, and thrust it into my syde, and be not faythlesse, but beleuyng 28 Thomas aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: My Lorde, and my God 29 Iesus sayth vnto hym: Thomas, because thou hast seene me, thou hast beleued: Blessed are they that haue not seene, and yet haue beleued 30 And many other signes truely dyd Iesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this booke 31 These are written, that ye myght beleue that Iesus is Christe the sonne of God, and that in beleuyng, ye myght haue lyfe through his name

Exodus 12:16

16 The first day shalbe a holy conuocation, and the seuenth day shalbe an holy conuocation vnto you: there shalbe no maner of worke done in the, saue about that only which euery man must eate, that only may ye do

1 Corinthians 16:2

2 Upon some Sabboth daye, let euery one of you put asyde by hym selfe, and laye vp as God hath prospered hym, that then there be no gatherynges when I come

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