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Genesis 2:11

11 The first is called Phison, which renneth aboute all the londe of Heuyla.

Genesis 10:6-20

6 The childre of Ham are these: Thus, Misraim, Phut and Canaan. 7 The children of Chus are these: Seba, Heuila Sabtha, Reyma and Sabthecha. The children of Reyma are these: Sheba and Deda. 8 Thus also begat Nemrod, which beganne to be mightie in the earth, 9 and was a mightie hunter in the sight of the LORDE. Therof commeth the prouerbe: This is a mightie hunter before the LORDE like as Nemrod. 10 And the origenall of his kyngdome was Babel, Erech, Acad & Chalne in ye londe of Synear. 11 Out of that lode came Assur, and buylded Niniue, and ye stretes of ye cite, and Calah, 12 and Ressen betwene Ninyne & Calah: This is a greate cite. 13 Mizraim begat Ludim, Enamim, Leabim, Naphtuhim, 14 Pathrusim & Casluhim, from whence came the Philistynes and Capthorims. 15 Canaa also begat Zidon his eldest sonne, & Heth, 16 Iebusi, Emori, Girgosi, 17 Hiui, Arki, Sini, 18 Aruadi, Zemari & Hamati: fro whence ye kynreds of ye Cananites are dispersed abrode. 19 And ye Coastes of ye Cananites were fro Sido forth thorow Gerar vnto Gasa, tyll thou comest vnto Sodoma, Gomorra, Adama, Zeboim, & vnto Lasa. 20 These are the children of Ham in their kynreds, tunges, londes & people.

2 Chronicles 14:12

12 And the LORDE smote the Morias before Asa and before Iuda, so that they fled.

Esther 1:1

1 In the tyme of Ahasuerus, which reigned from India vnto Ethiopia, ouer an hundreth and seuen and twentye londes,

Isaiah 18:1-7

1 Wo be to the londe of flienge shippes, which is of this syde ye floude of Ethiopia: 2 which sendeth hir message ouer the see in shippes of redes vpo ye water, and sayeth: go soone, and do yor message vnto a straunge and harde folke: to a fearful people, & to a people yt is further then this: to a desperate and pylled folke, whose londe is deuyded from vs with ryuers of water. 3 Yee all ye yt syt in the compasse of the worlde, and dwell vpon the earth: when the token shalbe geuen vpo the mountaynes, then loke vp: and when the horne bloweth, then herken to, 4 for thus hath ye LORDE sayde vnto me. I layde me downe, and pondred the matter in my house, at the noone daye when it was hote: and there fel a myslinge shower, like a dew, as it happeneth in haruest. 5 But the frutes, were not yet ripe cut of, and the grapes were but yonge and grene. Then one smote of the grapes with an hoke, yee he hewed downe also the buwes and the braunches, & dyd cast the awaye. 6 And thus they were layde waist, for the foules of the mountaynes, and for ye beastes of the earth together. So yt the foules sat ther vpon, and the beastes of the earth wyntered there. 7 Then shal there be a present brought vnto the LORDE of hoostes: euen that harde folke, that fearful folke, and that further is the this: yt desperate and pylled folke (whose londe is deuyded from vs with floudes of water) vnto the place of the name of the LORDE of hoostes: euen vnto the hill of Sion.

Isaiah 45:14

14 The LORDE hath sayde morouer: The occupiers of Egipte, the marchauntes of the Moryans and Sabees, shal come vnto the with tribute, they shalbe thine, they shal folowe the, and go with cheynes vpon their fete. They shal fall downe before the, and make supplicacion vnto the. For God (wt out who there is none other God) shal be with the.

Jeremiah 46:9

9 Get you to horse backe, roll forth ye Charettes, come forth ye worthies: ye Morians, ye Libeans with youre buclers, ye Lideans with youre bowes:

Jeremiah 38:7-13

7 So Ieremy stack fast in the myre. Now when Abdemelech the Morian beynge a chamberlayne in the kynges courte, vnderstode, that they had cast Ieremy in to the dongeon: 8 he went out off the kynges house, and spake to the kynge (which the sat vnder the porte off Ben Iamin) these wordes: 9 My lorde the kynge, where as these men medle with Ieremy the prophet, they do him wronge: Namely, in that they haue put him in preson, there to dye of honger, for there is no more bred in the cite. 10 The the kynge commauded Abdemelech the Morian, and sayde: Take from hece xxx. men whom thou wilt, & drawe vp Ieremy the prophet out of the dongeon, before he dye. 11 So Abdemelech toke the men wt him, & went to ye house of Amalech, & there vnder an almery he gat olde ragges & worne cloutes, & let the downe by a coarde, in to the dongeon to Ieremy. 12 And Abdemelech the Morian sayde vnto the prophet Ieremy: O put these ragges and cloutes vnder thine arme holes, betwixte the and the coardes: ad Ieremy dyd so. 13 So they drewe vp Ieremy with coardes and toke him out of the dongeon, and he remayned in the fore entrie of the preson.

Daniel 11:43

43 For thorow his goinge in, he shal haue dominion ouer the treasures of syluer & golde, & ouer all the precious Iewels of Egipte, Lybia and Ethiopia.

Ezekiel 29:10

10 Beholde therfore, I wil vpon the, & vpon thy waters: I will make the londe off Egipte waist and desolate, from the towre of Syenes vnto the borders of the Morias londe:

Amos 9:7-8

7 O ye children off Israel, are ye not vnto me, euen as the Morians, sayeth the LORDE? haue not I brought Israel out off the londe off Egipte, the Philistynes from Capthor, and the Sirians fro Cyr? 8 Beholde, the eyes of the LORDE are vpon the realme that synneth, to rote it clene out of the earth: Neuertheles, I will not vterly destroye the house of Iacob, saieth the LORDE.

Nahum 3:6-10

6 I wil cast dyrte vpon ye, to make the be abhorred, and a gasynge stocke: 7 Yee all they that loke vpon the, shal starte backe, & saye: Niniue is destroyed. Who wil haue pyte vpo the? where shal I seke one to conforte the? 8 Art thou better then the greate cite of Alexadria? that laye in the waters, and had the waters rounde aboute it: which was strongly fenced & walled with the see? 9 Ethiopia and Egipte were hir stregth, & that exceadinge greate aboue measure. Aphrica and Lybia were hir helpers, 10 yet was she dryuen awaye, & brought in to captiuyte: hir yonge children were smytten downe at the heade of euery strete, the lottes were cast for the most awncient men in her, and all hir mightie men were bounde in chaynes.

Zephaniah 3:9-13

9 And then wil I clense the lippes of the people, that they maye euerychone call vpon the name of the LORDE, and serue him with one shulder. 10 Soch as I haue subdued, and my children also whom I haue scatred abrode, shal brynge me presentes beyonde the waters of Ethiopia. 11 In that tyme shalt thou nomore be confounded, because of all thy ymaginacions, wher thorow thou haddest offended me: for I wil take awaye the proude boosters of thine honoure from the, so that thou shalt nomore tryumphe because of my holy hill. 12 In the also wil I leaue a smal poore symple people, which shal trust in the name of the LORDE. 13 The remnaunt of Israel shal do no wickednes, ner speake lyes: nether shal there eny disceatful tunge be founde in their mouthes. For they shal be fed, and take their rest, and no man shal make them afrayed.

Numbers 12:1

1 And Miriam & Aaron spake agaynst Moses because of his wife the Morian which he had taken, because he had take a Morian to wife,

Psalms 68:31

31 The prynces shal come out of Egipte, the Morians lode shal stretch out hir hondes vnto God.

Acts 10:34-35

34 Peter opened his mouth, & sayde: Now perceaue I of a trueth, that God hath no respecte of personnes, 35 but in all people he yt feareth him, and worketh righteousnes, is accepted vnto him.

Acts 8:27-31

27 And he rose, and wente on. And beholde, a ma of the Morians lode (a chamberlayne and of auctorite with Candace ye quene of the londe of the Morians) which had the rule of all hir treasuries, ye same came to Ierusale to worshipe. 28 And returned home agayne, and satt vpon his charet, and red the prophet Esay. 29 The sprete sayde vnto Philippe: Go neare, and ioyne thy selfe to yonder charet. 30 The ranne Philippe vnto him, and herde him rede the prophet Esay, and sayde: Vnderstodest thou what thou readest? 31 He sayde: How can I, excepte some ma enfourme me?And he desyred Philippe, that he wolde come vp, and syt with him.

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