Bible verses about "female education" | Coverdale

Genesis 38:8-10

8 Then sayde Iuda vnto his sonne Onan: Go lie with thy brothers wife, and marye thyself with her, that thou mayest rayse vp sede vnto thy brother. 9 But when Onan knewe that the sede shulde not be his owne, whan he laye with his brothers wife, he let it fall vpon the earth and destroyed it, yt he shulde not geue sede vnto his brother. 10 This thinge that he dyd displeased the LORDE sore, and he slewe him also.

Genesis 2:4-3:24

4 These are the generacions of heaue and earth whan they were created, in the tyme whan the LORDE God made heauen and earth: 5 before there was eny twygg vpon earth, and or euer there grew eny grene herbe vpon the felde. For the LORDE God had yet sent no rayne vpon ye earth, nether was there eny man to tylle the earth. 6 But there arose a myst from the earth, & watered all the londe. 7 And ye LORDE God shope man eue of the moulde of the earth, & brethed in to his face ye breth of life. And so was man made a lyuynge soule. 8 The LORDE God also planted a garde of pleasure in Eden, towarde ye east, and set man therin whom he had made. 9 And the LORDE God caused to sprynge out of the earth all maner trees, pleasaut to loke vpo, and good to eate: and the tre of life in the myddest of the garden, and the tre of knowlege of good and euell. 10 And out of Eden there wente a ryuer, to water the garden, and there deuyded it selfe into foure heade waters. 11 The first is called Phison, which renneth aboute all the londe of Heuyla. 12 And there is founde golde, (& the golde of that countre is precious,) and there is founde Bedellion, and the precious stone Onix. 13 The second water is called Gihon, which runneth aboute the whole londe of ye Morias. 14 The thirde water is called Hydeckell, which runneth towarde the east syde of ye Assirias. The fourth water is Euphrates. 15 And the LORDE God toke man, & set him in the pleasaunt garden of Eden, to dresse it & to kepe it. 16 And the LORDE God commaunded man, sayege: Thou shalt eate of all maner trees in ye garden: 17 But of ye tre of knowlege of good and euell, shalt thou not eate. For loke in what daye so euer thou eatest therof, thou shalt dye the death. 18 And the LORDE God sayde: It is not good yt ma shulde be alone. I wil make him an helpe, to beare him copany. 19 And whan God the LORDE had made of the earth all maner beastes of the felde, & all maner foules vnder the heaue, he brought them vnto man, to se what he wolde call the: For as ma called all maner of liuinge soules, so are their names. 20 And man gaue names vnto all maner catell, & vnto the foules vnder the heaue, and vnto all maner beastes of ye felde. But vnto man there was founde no helpe, to beare him company. 21 Then the LORDE God caused an herde slepe to fall vpon man, and he slepte. And he toke out one of his rybbes, and (in steade therof) he fylled vp ye place with flesh. 22 And the LORDE God made a woman, of ye rybbe that he toke out of man, and brought her vnto him. 23 Then sayde man: This is once bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. She shalbe called woman, because she was take of man. 24 For this cause shal a man leaue father and mother, and cleue vnto his wife, & they two shalbe one flesh. 25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

Genesis 3:1-24

1 Bvt the serpent was sotyller then all the beastes of the felde (which ye LORDE God had made) and sayde vnto the woman: Yee, hath God sayde indede: Ye shall not eate of all maner trees in the garden? 2 Then sayde the woman vnto the serpent: We eate of the frute of the trees in the garden: 3 But as for the frute of the tre that is in the myddes of the garden, God hath sayde: Eate not ye of it, and touch it not, lest ye dye. 4 Then saide the serpent vnto the woman: Tush, ye shall not dye the death. 5 For God doth knowe, that in what daye so euer ye eate of it, youre eyes shalbe opened, and ye shalbe as God, and knowe both good and euell. 6 And the woman sawe that ye tre was good to eate of, and lustye vnto the eyes, and a pleasaunt tre to make wyse, and toke of the frute of it, and ate, and gaue vnto hir husbande also therof, and he ate. 7 Then were the eyes of them both opened, and they perceaued that they were naked, and sowed fygge leaues together, and made them apurns. 8 And they herde the voyce of the LORDE God, which walked in the garden in the coole of the daye. And Adam hyd him self with his wyfe, from the presence of ye LORDE God amonge the trees of the garden. 9 And ye LORDE God called Adam, and sayde vnto him: Where art thou? 10 And he saide: I herde thy voyce in the garden, and was afrayed, because I am naked, and therfore I hyd my self. 11 And he sayde: who tolde the, that thou art naked? Hast thou not eaten of the tre, wherof I commaunded the, yt thou shuldest not eate? 12 Then sayde Adam: The woman which thou gauest me (to beare me company) gaue me of the tre, and I ate. 13 And the LORDE God sayde vnto the woman: wherfore hast thou done this? The woman sayde: the serpent disceaued me so, that I ate. 14 Then sayde the LORDE God vnto the serpent: Because thou hast done this, cursed be thou aboue all catell and aboue all beastes of the felde. Vpon thy bely shalt thou go, & earth shalt thou eate all the dayes of thy life. 15 And I wyll put enemyte betwene the and the woman, and betwene yi sede and hir sede. The same shal treade downe thy heade, and thou shalt treade him on the hele. 16 And vnto the woman he sayde: I will increase thy sorow, whan thou art with childe: with payne shalt thou beare thy childre, and thy lust shal pertayne vnto yi husbande, and he shal rule the. 17 And vnto Adam he sayde: For so moch as thou hast herkened vnto the voyce of thy wyfe, and hast eaten of the tre, wherof I commaunded the, sayenge: thou shalt not eate of it. Cursed be ye earth for thy sake. With sorowe shalt thou eate therof, all the dayes of thy life. 18 Thornes and thistles shalt it beare vnto the, and thou shalt eate the herbes of the felde. 19 In the sweate of thy face shalt thou eate thy bred, tyll thou be turned agayne vnto earth, whece thou art take: for earth thou art, and vnto earth shalt thou be turned agayne. 20 And Adam called his wyfe Heua, because she is the mother of all lyuynge. 21 And the LORDE God made Adam & his wyfe garmentes of skynnes, & those he put on them. 22 And the LORDE God sayde: lo, Adam is become as it were one of vs, & knoweth good & euell. But now lest he stretch his hande, and take also of the tre of life, and eate, and lyue for euer. 23 Then the LORDE God put him out of the garden of Eden, to tyll ye earth, whece he was take. 24 And he cast Adam out. And before the garden of Eden he set Cherubes, and a naked fyrie swerde, to kepe ye waye vnto the tre of life.

Genesis 38:1-30

1 It fortuned at the same time, yt Iuda wente downe fro his brethren, & gat him to a man called Hyra at Odollam. 2 And there Iuda sawe a ma of Canaas doughter called Sua, and toke her. And whe he had lyen with her, 3 she conceaued and bare a sonne, whom she called Er. 4 And she conceaued agayne, & bare a sonwho she called Ona. 5 She proceaded yet further, & bare a sonne, who she called Sela. And wha she had borne him, she left of bearinge. 6 And Iuda gaue his first sonne Er a wife, whose name was Thamar. 7 But he was wicked before the LORDE, therfore the LORDE slew him. 8 Then sayde Iuda vnto his sonne Onan: Go lie with thy brothers wife, and marye thyself with her, that thou mayest rayse vp sede vnto thy brother. 9 But when Onan knewe that the sede shulde not be his owne, whan he laye with his brothers wife, he let it fall vpon the earth and destroyed it, yt he shulde not geue sede vnto his brother. 10 This thinge that he dyd displeased the LORDE sore, and he slewe him also. 11 Then sayde Iudas vnto Thamar his sonnes wyfe. Remayne a wyddow in thy fathers house, tyll my sonne Sela be growne: for he thought: peraduenture he might dye also like as his brethren. So Thamar wente hir waye, and remained in hir fathers house. 12 Now wha many dayes were past, ye doughter of Sua Iudas wife dyed. And whan Iuda had left mournynge, he wente vp vnto Thimnath to clyppe his shepe with his shepherde Hyra of Odollam. 13 Then was it tolde Thamar: beholde, thy father in lawe goeth vp vnto Thimnath, to clyppe his shepe. 14 Then put she of ye wyddowes garmentes that she had vpon her, couered and dysgysed hir self, & sat hir downe without the porte by the waye syde towarde Thymnath. For she sawe that Sela was growne, and she was not geuen vnto him to wife. 15 Now whan Iuda sawe her, he thought it had bene an whoore, for she had couered hir face: 16 and he gat him to her in the waye, and saide: I praye the let me lye with the, for he knewe not that it was his doughter in lawe. She answered: What wilt thou geue me, that thou mayest lie with me? 17 He sayde: I wil sende the a kydd from the flocke. She answered: Geue me a pledge then, tyll thou sende it me. 18 He sayde: What pledge wilt thou that I geue the? She answered: Thy signet, and thy bracelet, and thy staff that thou hast in thy hade. Then he gaue it her, and laye with her, and she was with childe of him. 19 And she gat hir vp, and wente hir waye, and layed of hir cloke, and put on hir wyddowes garmetes agayne. 20 Iuda sent the kydd by his shepherde of Odolla, to fetch the pledge agayne from the woman, and he founde her not. 21 Then axed he the men of the same place, & sayde: Where is the whoore yt sat without in the waye? They answered: There hath no whoore bene here. 22 And he came agayne vnto Iuda, and saide: I haue not found her, morouer ye men of the same place saide: that there hath no whoore bene there. 23 Iuda sayde: Let her take it vnto her, lest we happly be shamed, for I haue sent the kydd, and thou hast not founde her. 24 After thre monethes it was tolde Iuda: Thamar thy doughter in lawe hath plaied the whoore: and beholde, by whordome is she gotten with childe. Iuda sayde: brynge her forth, that she maye be brent. 25 And whan she was brought forth, she sent vnto hir father in lawe, and sayde: By the man yt oweth these, am I wt childe. And she sayde: Knowest thou whose is this signet, this bracelet & this staff? 26 Iuda knewe the, & sayde: She is more righteous the I, for I gaue hir not my sonne Sela: But he laye nomore with her. 27 Whan the tyme came that she shulde be delyuered, there were two twyns founde in hir wombe. 28 And as she was now in trauelynge, the one put out his hande. Then the mydwife toke and boude a reed threde aboute it, and saide: This shal come out first. 29 But whan he pluckte in his hande agayne, his brother came forth. And she sayde: Wherfore is there a rent mayde for thy sake? And he was called Phares. 30 Afterwarde came his brother forth, which had ye reed threde aboute his hande, and he was called Zarah.

Genesis 18:9-16

9 Then saide they vnto him: where is Sara thy wyfe? He answered: within in ye tent. 10 Then sayde he: aboute this tyme twolue moneth, (yf I lyue) I will come to the agayne, and Sara thy wyfe shal haue a sonne. And Sara herde that out of the tent dore, which was behynde his backe. 11 And Abraham and Sara were both olde, & well stryken in age: so that it wente nomore with Sara after ye maner of wemen: 12 therfore laughed she within hir self, and sayde: Now that I am olde & my lorde olde also, shal I yet geue my self to lust? 13 Then sayde ye LORDE vnto Abraham: Wherfore doth Sara laugh, and saye: Is this true in dede, that I shal beare, and yet am olde? 14 Shulde eny soch thinge be to harde for the LORDE? Aboute this tyme (yf I lyue) I wil come to the agayne, & Sara shal haue a sonne. 15 Then Sara denyed it, and sayde: I laughed not, for she was afrayed. But he sayde: It is not so, thou dyddest laughe. 16 Then the men stode vp from thence, and turned them towarde Sodome: and Abraham wente with them, to brynge them on their waye.

Genesis 38:8

8 Then sayde Iuda vnto his sonne Onan: Go lie with thy brothers wife, and marye thyself with her, that thou mayest rayse vp sede vnto thy brother.

Leviticus 15:19-23

19 Whan a woman hath the bloude yssue of hir flesh, she shalbe put a parte vij. daies in to a sundrie place. Who so euer toucheth her, shal be vncleane vntyll the eue. 20 And all that she lyeth vpon (as longe as she is put aparte) shalbe vncleane. 21 And that she sytteth vpo, shalbe vncleane. And who so euer toucheth hir bed, shal wash his clothes, and bathe him self with water, and be vncleane vntyll the euen. 22 And who so euer toucheth eny maner thinge that she hath sytten vpo, shal wash his clothes, and bathe him self with water, and be vncleane vntyll the euen. 23 (Omitted Text)

Leviticus 20:10

10 He that breaketh wedlocke with eny mas wife, shal dye the death (both the aduouterer and ye aduouteresse) because he hath broken wedlocke with his neghbours wife.

Leviticus 18:18

18 Thou shalt not take a wife and hir sister also, to vncouer hir preuytie, whyle she is yet alyue.

Leviticus 21:13-15

13 A virgin shal he take to wife, 14 but no wedowe, ner deuorsed, ner defyled, ner whore, but a virgin of his awne people shal he take to wife, 15 yt he vnhalowe not his sede amonge his people. For I am ye LORDE, which sanctifie him.

Leviticus 12:2-5

2 Speake vnto the children of Israel, and saye: Whan a woman hath conceaued, and beareth a manchilde, she shalbe vncleane seuen dayes, so longe as she suffreth hir disease, 3 and in ye eight daye shal ye flesh of his foreskynne be cut awaie. 4 And she shal byde at home thre and thirtie dayes in ye bloude of hir purifienge: she shal touch no holy thinge, ner come in to ye Sactuary, tyll the daies of hir purifienge be out. 5 But yf she beare a maydechilde, the shal she be vncleane two wekes, so longe as she suffreth hir disease, and sixe and thre score daies shall she byde at home in the bloude of hir purifienge.

Leviticus 20:9

9 Who so euer curseth his father or his mother, shall dye the death: his bloude be vpon him, because he hath cursed his father or mother.

Numbers 5:11-31

11 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 12 Speake to the children of Israel, and saye vnto them: Whan eny mans wife goth asyde, and trespaceth agaynst him, 13 & eny ma lye with her fleshlye, and the thinge be yet hyd from his eyes, and is not come to light that she is defiled, and he can brynge no witnesse agaynst her (for she was not take therin) 14 and the sprete of gelousye kyndleth him, so that he is gelous ouer his wife: whether she be vncleane or not vncleane, 15 then shal he brynge her vnto the prest, and brynge an offerynge for her, euen the tenth parte of an Epha of barlye meele, and shal poure no oyle theron, ner put frankensence vpon it: for it is an offerynge of gelousy, and an offeringe of remembraunce, that remembreth synne. 16 Then shall the prest brynge her, and sett her before the LORDE, 17 and take of the holy water in an earthen vessell, and put of ye dust that is on the floore of the habitacion, in to the water. 18 And he shal set the wife before ye LORDE, and vncouer hir heade, and the offeringe of remembraunce which is an offeringe of gelousy, shall he laye vpon hir handes. And the prest shal haue in his hande bytter cursinge water, and shal coniure the wife, & saye vnto her: 19 Yf no man haue lye with the, and thou hast not gone asyde from thy hu?bande, to defyle thy self, then shall not these bytter cursinge waters hurte the. 20 But yf thou hast gone asyde from thy hu?bande, so that thou art defyled, and some other man hath lyen with the besyde thy hu?bande, 21 then shall the prest coniure the wife with this curse, and shal saye vnto her: The LORDE sett the to a curse and a coniuracion amonge thy people, so that the LORDE make thy thye rotte, and thy wombe to berst. 22 So go this cursed water in to thy body, that yi wombe berst, and thy thye rotte. And the wife shal saye: Amen Amen. 23 So the prest shall wryte this curse in a byll, and wash it out with the water, 24 and shall geue the wife of the bytter cursinge waters to drynke. 25 And wha the cursinge water is gone in her, so yt it is bytter vnto her then shal the prest take the gelousy offerynge out of the wyues hande, and waue it for a meatofferynge before the LORDE, and offre it vpon the altare: 26 namely, he shall take an handfull of the meatofferynge for hir remebraunce, & burne it vpo the altare, & then geue the wife the water to drinke. 27 And wha she hath dronken the water, yf she be defyled and haue trespaced agaynst hir hu?bande, then shal the cursinge water go in to her, and be so bytter, that hir wombe shal berst, and hir thye shall rotte, and the wife shal be a curse amonge hir people. 28 But yf the same wife be not defyled, but is cleane, then shall it do her no harme, so that she maye be with childe. 29 This is the lawe of gelousy, whan a wyfe goeth asyde from hir hu?bande, and is defyled: 30 Or whan ye sprete of gelousy kyndleth a man, so that he is gelous ouer his wyfe, yt he brynge her before the LORDE, and that ye prest do all wt her acordinge vnto this lawe. 31 And ye man shalbe giltlesse of the synne, but the wife shall beare hir my?dede.

Numbers 27:1-11

1 And the doughters of Zelaphead ye sonne of Hepher ye sonne of Gilead, the sonne of Machir, the sonne of Manasse, amonge the kynreds of Manasse the sonne Ioseph (whose names were, Mahela, Noa, Hagla, Milca, & Thirza) 2 came & stode before Moses & Eleasar the prest, & before the rulers & the whole congregacion, euen before the dore of ye Tabernacle of witnesse, & sayde: 3 Oure father is deed in the wildernesse, & was not in the company of them yt rose vp agaynst ye LORDE in the cogregacion of Corah: but dyed in his awne synne, and had no sonnes. 4 Wherfore shulde or fathers name perishe then amonge his kynred, though he haue no sonne? Geue vs a possession also amonge oure fathers brethren. 5 Moses broughte their cause before ye LORDE. 6 And the LORDE sayde vnto him: 7 The doughters of Zelaphead haue spoke righte. Thou shalt geue the a possession to inheret amonge their fathers brethren, & shalt turne their fathers enheritaunce vnto them. 8 And saye vnto the childre of Israel: Whan a ma dyeth & hath no sonne, ye shall turne his enheritaunce vnto his doughter. 9 Yf he haue no doughter, ye shal geue it vnto his brethre. 10 Yf he haue no brethren, ye shal geue it vnto his fathers brethren. 11 Yf he haue no fathers brethre, ye shal geue it vnto his nexte kyn?folke which beloge vnto him in his kynred, yt they maye possesse it. This shalbe an ordynaunce and a perpetuall lawe vnto the children of Israel, as the LORDE comaunded Moses.

Numbers 30:2-15

2 Yf eny man make a vowe vnto the LORDE, or sweare an ooth, so that he binde his soule, he shal not breake his worde, but do all that is proceaded out of his mouth. 3 Yf a damsell make a vowe vnto ye LORDE, and bynde hirself, whyle she is in hir fathers house, and vnmaried, 4 and hir vowe or bonde that she maketh ouer hir soule, commeth to hir fathers eares, & he holde his peace therto, the all hir vowes & bondes yt she hath boude hir self withall ouer hir soule, shal stode in effecte. 5 But yf hir father forbyd her ye same daye that he heareth it, the shal no vowe ner bonde that she hath bounde hir self withall ouer hir soule, be of vayle. And the LORDE shalbe mercifull vnto her, for so moch as hir father forbad her. 6 Yf she haue an hu?bande, & hath a vowe vpon her, or yf she haue letten go out of hir lippes a bode ouer hir soule, 7 & hir hu?bande heare it, & holdeth his peace ther at, the same daye that he heareth it, then hir vowe & bonde wherwith she hath boude hir self ouer hir soule, shal stonde in effecte. 8 But yf hir hu?bande forbyd her the same daye that he heareth it, the is the vowe lowse yt she hath vpo hir, & the bonde also that she hath letten go out of hir lippes ouer hir soule, and the LORDE shalbe gracious vnto her. 9 The vowe of a wyddowe, & of her yt is deuorced, all yt she byndeth hir self withall ouer hir soule, shal stonde in effecte vpo her. 10 Yf she vowe in hir hu?bades house, or binde hir self wt an ooth ouer hir soule, 11 & hir husbande heare it, & holde his peace therto, and forbyddeth it not, the shal all ye same vowe, & all yt she hath boude hir self wt all ouer hir soule, stode i effecte. 12 But yf hir hu?bade disanulle it, ye same daye yt he heareth it, the is it of no value yt is proceaded out of hir lippes, which she hath vowed or boude ouer hir soule: for hir hu?bade hath made it lowse, & the LORDE shalbe gracious vnto her. 13 And all vowes & oothes yt bynde to humble ye soule, maie hir hu?bade stablish or breake, thus: 14 Yf he holde his peace therto fro one daie to another, then stablisheth he all hir vowes & bondes, yt she hath vpon her, because he helde his peace, the same daye yt he herde the. 15 But yf he disanulle the after yt he hath herde the, then shal he take awaie hir mi?dede.

Deuteronomy 22:22

22 Yf a man be founde lienge with a woma that hath a maried husbande, they shal dye both the man, & the woma that he hath lien withall. And so shalt thou put awaye euell from Israel.

Deuteronomy 22:13-21

13 Yf a man take a wife, and hate her whan he hath lyen with her, 14 and layeth eny shamefull thinge vnto hir charge, and bryngeth vp an euell name vpon her, and sayeth: I toke this wife, & whan I came to her, I founde her not a mayde. 15 Then shall the father and mother of the damsell take her, and brynge forth the tokens of the damsels virginite before the Elders of the cite, euen vnto the gate. 16 And ye damsels father shal saie vnto ye Elders: I gaue this man my doughter to wyfe. Now hateth he her, 17 and layeth a shamefull thinge to hir charge, and sayeth: I founde not thy doughter a mayde. And lo, these are the tokens of my doughters virginite. And they shal sprede out the clothe before the Elders of the cite. 18 So shal the Elders of the cite take that man, and chastice him, 19 and put a pennaunce vpon him of an hundreth Sycles of syluer, and geue the same vnto the father of the damsell, because he hath brougte vp an euell name of a mayde in Israel, and he shall haue her to wyfe, so yt he maye not forsake her all his life longe. 20 But yf it be of a trueth, that the damsell is not founde a virgin, 21 the shal she be brought forth vnto the dore of hir fathers house, and the me of the cite shal stone her to death, because she hath wrought foly in Israel, and played the whore in hir fathers house. And so shalt thou put awaye the euell from the.

Deuteronomy 22:28-30

28 Yf a man fynde a mayde that is not hadfested, and take her, and lye with her, and be founde, 29 then shal he that laye with her, geue hir father fyftie Sycles of syluer, and shall haue her to wyfe, because he hath shamed her: he maye not forsake her all his life loge. 30 Noma shal take his fathers wife, ner vncouer his fathers couerynge.

Deuteronomy 24:1-4

1 Whan a man taketh a wife, and marieth her, and she findeth no fauoure in his eyes because of eny vnclennesse, the shal he wryte a byll of deuorcemet, and geue it her in hir hade, and sende her out of his house. 2 Yf whan she is gone out of his house, she go, and be another mans wyfe, 3 and the same seconde man hate her also, & wryte a byll of deuorcement, and geue it her in hir hande, and sende her out of his house: Or yf the same seconde man dye, which toke her to wife, 4 then hir first husbande that put hir awaie, maie not take hir againe to be his wife, in so moch as she is defyled, for that is abhominacion before the LORDE: that thou make not the londe to synne, which the LORDE thy God hath geuen the to enheritauce.

2 Samuel 5:13

13 And Dauid toke yet mo wyues and concubynes at Ierusalem, after he was come from Hebron, and there were yet mo sonnes & doughters borne vnto him.

1 Kings 11:3

3 And he had seuen hundreth wemen to wyues, and thre hundreth concubynes, and his wyues turned his hert asyde.

Proverbs 15:20

20 A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete body shameth his mother.

Proverbs 13:1

1 A wyse sonne wyll receaue his fathers warnynge, but he yt is scornefull, wyll not heare when he is reproued.

Ecclesiastes 7:26-28

26 And I founde, that a woman is bytterer then death: for she is a very angle, hir hert is a nett, and hir handes are cheynes. Who so pleaseth God shal escape from her, but the synner will be taken wt her. 27 Beholde (sayeth ye preacher) this haue I diligently searched out & proued, yt I might come by knowlege: which as yet I seke, and fynde it not. 28 Amonge a thousande men I haue founde one, but not one woman amonge all.

Isaiah 54:4

4 Feare not, for thou shalt not be confouded: Be not ashamed, for thou shalt not come to confucion. Yee thou shalt forget the shame off thy youth, and shalt not remembre the dishonoure of thy wedowheade.

Matthew 5:32

32 But I saye vnto you: whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe (except it be for fornicacio causeth her to breake matrymony. And whosoeuer maryeth her that is deuorsed, breaketh wedlocke.

Mark 3:31-35

31 And there came his mother and his brethre, and stode without, and sente vnto him, and called him. 32 And the people sat aboute him, and sayde vnto him: Beholde, thy mother and thy brethre axe after the without. 33 And he answered, and sayde: Who is my mother and my brethren? 34 And he loked rounde aboute him vpon his disciples, which sat rounde in compasse aboute him, and sayde: Beholde, my mother and my brethren. 35 For who so euer doth the will of God the same is my brother, and my sister and my mother.

Luke 14:26

26 Yf eny man come vnto me, and hate not his father, mother, wife, childre, brethre, sisters, yee and his owne life also, he can not be my disciple.

1 Corinthians 14:34-35

34 Let youre wyues kepe sylence in the cogregacion, for it shal not be permytted vnto the to speake, but to be vnder obedience, as ye lawe sayeth also. 35 But yf they wyll lerne eny thinge, let them axe their hussbades at home. For it becommeth not weme to speake in the congregacion.

Proverbs 6:20-7:27

20 My sonne, kepe thy fathers comaundemetes, & forsake not ye lawe of thy mother. 21 Put the vp together in thine herte, and bynde the aboute thy necke. 22 That they maye lede the where thou goest, preserue the when thou art aslepe, & yt when thou awakest, thou mayest talke of the 23 (For the commaundement is a lanterne, and the lawe a light: yee chastenynge & nurtoure is ye waye of life) 24 that they maye kepe the fro the euell woman, & from the flaterynge tonge of the harlott: 25 yt thou lust not after her beuty in thine herte, & lest thou be take wt hir fayre lokes. 26 An harlot wil make a ma to begg his bred, but a maried woman wil hunt for ye precious life. 27 Maye a man take fyre in his bosome, and his clothes not be brent? 28 Or can one go vpon hote coales, and his fete not be hurte? 29 Euen so, who so euer goeth in to his neghbours wife, and toucheth her, can not be vngiltie. 30 Men do not vtterly despyse a thefe, that stealeth to satisfie his soule, when he is hongerie: 31 but yf he maye be gotten, he restoreth agayne seuen tymes asmoch, or els he maketh recompence with all the good of his house. 32 But who so comitteth aduoutrie with a woma, he is a foole, and bryngeth his life to destruccion. 33 He getteth him self also shame & dishonor, soch as shal neuer be put out. 34 For the gelousy & wrath of the ma will not be itreated, 35 no though thou woldest ofre him greate giftes to make amendes, he will not receaue them.

Proverbs 7:1-27

1 My sonne, kepe my wordes, & laye vp my comaundemetes by the. 2 Kepe my comaundemetes & my lawe, eue as the aple of thine eye, & thou shalt lyue. 3 Bynde them vpon thy fyngers, & wryte the in the table of thine hert. 4 Saye vnto wysdome: thou art my sister, and call vnderstondinge thy kynswoman: 5 that she maye kepe ye fro ye strauge woma, & fro ye harlot which geueth swete wordes. 6 For out of the wyndowe of my house I loked thorow the trelies, 7 & behelde the simple people: & amonge other yonge folkes I spyed one yonge foole 8 goinge ouer the stretes, by the corner in the waye towarde the harlottes house 9 in the twylight of of the euenynge, when it begane now to be night and darcke. 10 And beholde, there mett him a woma in an harlottes apparell 11 (a disceatfull, waton & an vnstedfast woma: whose fete coude not abyde in ye house, 12 now is she without, now i ye stretes, & lurketh i euery corner) 13 she caught ye yoge ma, kyssed him & was not ashamed, sayege: 14 I had a vowe to paye, & this daye I perfourme it. 15 Therfore came I forth to mete the, that I might seke thy face, and so I haue founde the. 16 I haue deckte my bed with coueringes & clothes of Egipte. 17 My bed haue I made to smell of Myrre, Aloes and Cynamom. 18 Come, let vs lye together, & take oure pleasure till it be daye light. 19 For the good man is not at home, he is gone farre of. 20 He hath taken the bagg of moneye with him, who can tell whe he cometh home? 21 Thus with many swete wordes she ouercame him, and with hir flateringe lippes she wanne him. 22 Immediatly he foloweth her, as it were an oxeled to the slaughter (and like as it were to the stockes, where fooles are punyshed) 23 so longe till she hath wounded his lyuer with hir darte: like as yf a byrde haisted to the snare, not knowinge that the parell of his life lyeth there vpo. 24 Heare me now therfore (o my sonne) and marcke the wordes of my mouth. 25 Let not thine herte wandre in hir wayes, & be not thou disceaued in hir pathes. 26 For many one hath she wouded and cast downe, yee many a stronge ma hath she slayne. 27 Hir house is the waye vnto hell, where men go downe to the chambers of death.

1 Corinthians 11:3-10

3 But I certifye you, that Christ is the heade of euery man. As for ye man, he is the heade of ye woman, but God is Christes heade. 4 Euery man that prayeth or prophecieth, and hath eny thinge on his heade, shameth his heade. 5 But euery woman that prayeth or prophecieth with vncouered heade, dishonesteth hir heade. For it is euen a lyke moch as yf she were shauen. 6 Yf the woma be not couered, let hir heer also be cut of. But yf it be vncomely for a woman to haue hir heer cut of or to be shauen, then let hir couer hir heade. 7 Neuertheles the man oughte not to couer his heade, for so moch as he is the ymage and glory of God: but the woma is the glory of the man. 8 For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man. 9 Nether was the man created for the womans sake, but the woma for the mans sake. 10 Therfore ought the woman to haue a power vpon hir heade, for the angels sakes.

1 Timothy 2:11-14

11 Let the woman lerne in sylece with all subieccion. 12 I suffre not a woma to teach ner to haue auctorite ouer the man, but for to be in sylence. 13 For Adam was first formed, and the Eue: 14 Adam also was not disceaued, but the woman was disceaued, and hath brought in the trasgression.

1 Chronicles 7:24

24 His doughter was Seera, which builded the lower and vpper Bethoron, & Vsen Serea.

Proverbs 1:20-21

20 Wy?dome crieth without, & putteth forth hir voyce in the stretes. 21 She calleth before ye congregacion in ye open gates, and sheweth hir wordes thorow ye cite, sayenge:

Luke 10:38-42

38 It fortuned as they wete, that he entred in to a towne, where there was a woman named Martha, which receaued him in to hir house. 39 And she had a sister, called Mary, which sat hir downe at Iesus fete, and herkened vnto his worde. 40 But Martha made hirself moch to do, for to serue him. And she stepte vnto him, and sayde: LORDE, carest thou not, that my sister letteth me serue alone? Byd her therfore, that she helpe me. 41 But Iesus answered, and sayde vnto her: Martha Martha, thou takest thought, and combrest thy self aboute many thinges: 42 there is but one thinge nedefull. Mary hath chosen a good parte, which shal not be taken awaye from her.

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