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Genesis 2:14

14 The thirde water is called Hydeckell, which runneth towarde the east syde of ye Assirias. The fourth water is Euphrates.

Daniel 5:1-31

1 Balthasar the kynge made a greate bancket to his thousande lordes: withall these thousande he made greate cheare, 2 and when he was dronken wt wyne, he commaunded to brynge him ye golden and syluer vessel, which his father Nabuchodonosor had taken out of the temple at Ierusalem: that the kynge and his lordes (with his quene and concubynes) might drike therout. 3 So they brought the golden vessel, that was take out of the temple of the LORDES house at Ierusalem. Then the kynge and his lordes with his quene and concubines dronke out of them. 4 They dronke wyne, and praysed their Idols of golde, syluer, copper, yron, wodde and stone. 5 In the very same houre there appeared fyngers, as it had bene of a mans honde writynge, right ouer agaynst the candelsticke vpon the playne wall in the kynges palace: and the kynge sawe the palme of ye honde yt wrote. 6 Then chaunged the kynge his countenaunce, and his thoughtes troubled him: so that the ioyntes off his body shoke, and his knees smote one agaynst the other. 7 Wherfore the kynge cryed mightely, that they shulde brynge him the charmers, Caldees and coniurers of deuels. The kynge spake also to the wyse men of Babilon, and sayde: Who so can rede this wrytynge, and shewe me the playne meanynge theroff: shall be clothed with purple, haue a cheyne off golde aboute his necke, and rule the thirdeparte off my kyngdome. 8 Vpon this, came all the kynges wyse men: but they coude nether rede the wrytinge, ner shewe the kynge what it signified. 9 The was the kynge sore afrayed, in so moch, that his coloure chaunged, and his lordes were sore vexed. 10 So by reason off this matter, yt had happened to the kynge & his lordes, the quene went vp herself in to the bancket house, and spake vnto the kynge, sayenge: O kynge God saue thy life for euer: Let not yi thoughtes trouble the, and let not thy countenaunce be chaunged. 11 For why: there is a man in ye kyngdome, that hath the sprete off the holy goddes within him, as it was sene in thy fathers dayes. He hath vnderstondinge ad wysdome like the goddes. Yee the kynge Nabuchodonosor thy father made this man chefe of the soythsayers, charmers, Caldees and deuel coniurers: 12 because that soch an abundaunt sprete, knowlege & wisdome (to expoude dreames, to open secretes, and to declare harde dowtes) was founde in him: yee euen in Daniel, whom the kynge named Balthasar. Let this same Daniel be sente for, and he shall tell, what it meaneth. 13 Then was Daniel brought before the kinge. So the kynge spake vnto Daniel, and sayde: Art thou that Daniel, one off the presoners of Iuda, whom my father the kynge brought out of Iewry? 14 I haue herde speake of the, that thou hast the sprete of the holy goddes, experience and vnderstodinge, and that there hath bene greate wisdome founde in the. 15 Now haue there bene brought me, wise and connynge charmers, to rede this wrytynge, and to shewe me the meanynge theroff: But they coude not tell me, what this matter signified. 16 Then herde I saye, yt thou canst expounde darcke thinges, and declare harde doutes. Well than, yf thou canst rede this writinge, and shewe me the meaninge therof: thou shalt be clothed wt purple, haue a cheyne of golde aboute thy necke, & rule the thirde parte of my kyngdome. 17 Daniel answered, and sayde before ye kynge: As for thy rewardes, kepe them to thy self, or geue yi rych giftes to another: yet not thelesse, I wil rede the wrytynge vnto ye kinge, and shewe him the interpretacion 18 therof O kinge, God the hyest gaue vnto Nabuchodonosor thy father, ye dignite of a kynge, wt worshipe & honor: 19 so yt all people, kynreddes & tunges stode in awe & feare of him, by reason off the hye estate, that he had lent him. For why: he slewe, whom he wolde: he smote, whom it pleased him. Agayne: whom he wolde, he set vp: and whom he list, he put downe. 20 But because his herte was so proude, and his stomack set fast vnto wylfulnesse: he was deposed from his kyngly trone, and his magesty was taken from him. 21 He was shot out from amonge men, his herte was like a beestes herte, and his dwellynge was with the wylde Asses: he was fayne to eate grasse like an oxe, and his body was wet with the dew off the heauen: till he knewe, that the hyest had power vpon the kyngdomes of men, and setteth ouer them, whom he list. 22 And thou his sonne (o Balthasar) for all this, hast not submitted thine hert, though thou knewest all these thinges: 23 but hast magnified thy selff aboue the LORDE off heauen, so that the vessels off his house were brought before the: that thou, and thy lordes, with thy quene and concubynes, might drynke wyne therout: And hast praysed the Idols of syluer and golde, copper and yron, off wodde & stone: As for the God, in whose honde consisteth thy breth ad all thy wayes: thou hast not loaued him. 24 Therfore is the palme off this honde sent hither from him, to token vp this wrytinge. 25 And this is the scripture, that is written vp: Mane, Thetel, Phares. 26 Now the interpretacion off the thynge is this: Mane, God hath nombred thy kyngdome, and brought it to an ende: 27 Thetel, Thou art weyed in the balaunce, and art founde to light: 28 Phares, Thy kyngdome is delt in partes, and geuen to the Medes and Perses. 29 Then commaunded Balthasar, to cloth Daniel with purple, to hange a cheyne off golde aboute his necke, and to make a proclamacion concernynge him: that he shulde be the ruler off the thirde parte off his kyngdome. 30 The very same night was Balthasar the kynge off the Caldees slayne, 31 and Darius out of Media toke in the kyngdome, beynge lxij. yeare off age.

Micah 5:2

2 And thou Bethleem Ephrata, art litle amonge the thousandes off Iuda, Out off the shal come one vnto me, which shall be ye gouernoure i Israel: whose outgoinge hath bene from the begynnynge, and from euerlastinge.

Revelation 1:1-20

1 The reuelacion of Iesus Christ, which God gaue vnto him, for to shewe vnto his seruautes thiges which muste shortly come to passe. And he sent and shewed by his angel vnto his seruaunt Ihon 2 which bare recorde of the worde of God, and of the testimony of Iesus Christe, and of all thinges that he sawe. 3 Happy is he yt readeth, and they that heare the wordes of the prophesy and kepe thoo thinges which are wrytten therin. For the tyme is at honde. 4 Ihon to the seuen cogregacions in Asia. Grace be with you & peace, fro him which is and which was, and which is to come, & fro the seuen spretes which are present before his trone, 5 and from Iesus Christ which is a faithfull witnes, and first begotten of the deed: & LORDE ouer ye kinges of the earth. Vnto him that loued vs and wesshed vs fro synnes in his awne bloud, 6 and made vs kinges & Prestes vnto God his father, be glory, and dominion for euer more. Amen. 7 Beholde, he commeth with cloudes, and all eyes shall se him: & they also which peersed him. And all kinredes of the earth shal wayle. Euen so. Amen. 8 I am Alpha and Omega, the begynninge and the endinge, sayteh ye LORDE almighty, which is and which was and which is to come. 9 I Ihon youre brother and copanyon in tribulacion, and in the kyngdome and paciece which is in Iesu Christe, was in the yle of Pathmos for the worde of God, and for ye witnessynge of Iesu Christe. 10 I was in the sprete on a sondaye, and herde behynde me, a gret voyce, as it had bene of a trompe, 11 sayenge: I am Alpha and Omega, the fyrst and ye laste. That thou seist, write in a boke, and sende it vnto the cogregacions which are in Asia, vnto Ephesus and vnto Smyrna, and vnto Pargamos, and vnto Thiatira, and vnto Sardis, and vnto Philadelphia, and vnto Laodicia. 12 And I turned backe to se the voyce that spake to me. And whe I was turned: I sawe seue golde candestyckes, 13 and in the myddes of the candelstyckes, one like vnto the sonne of man clothed with a lynnin garmet downe to the ground, and gyrd aboute the brest with a golden gyrdle. 14 His heed, and his heares were whyte, as whyte woll, & as snowe: and his eyes were as a flamme of fyre: 15 and his fete like vnto brasse, as though they bret in a fornace: and his voyce as the sounde of many waters. 16 And he had in his right honde seue starres. And out of his mouth went a sharpe two edged swearde. And his face shone euen as the sonne in his strength. 17 And when I sawe him, I fell at his fete, euen as deed. And he layde his right honde vpon me, sayenge vnto me: feare not. I am the fyrst, and the laste, 18 and am alyue, and was deed. And beholde, I am alyue for euer more and haue the kayes of hell & of deth. 19 Wryte therfore the thinges which thou hast sene, and the thinges which are, and ye thinges which shalbe fulfylled here after: 20 & the mistery of the seuen starres which thou sawest in my right honde, and the seuen golden candelstickes. The seuen starres are the angels of the seue congregacions: And the seuen candelstyckes which thou sawest, are the seuen congregacions.

Deuteronomy 11:24

24 All the places that the soles of youre fete treade vpon, shalbe yours, from the wyldernes, and fro mount Libanus, and from the water Euphrates vnto ye vttemost see shal youre coastes be.

Joshua 1:4

4 From the wyldernesse and this Libanus vnto the greate water Euphrates: all the londe of the Hethites vnto the greate see towarde the west, shal be youre border.

Isaiah 11:15

15 The LORDE also shal cleue the tunges of the Egipcias see, and with a mightie wynde shal he lift vp his honde ouer Nilus, and shal smyte his seue streames and make men go ouer drye shod.

Jeremiah 13:1-7

1 Morouer, thus saied the LORDE vnto me: go thy waye & get the a lynnen breche, and gyrde it aboute thy loynes, and let it not be wet. 2 Then I got me a brech, acordinge to the commaundemet of the LORDE, and put it aboute my loynes. 3 After this, the LORDE spake vnto me agayne: 4 Take the breche that thou hast prepared & put aboute the, and get the vp, and go vnto Euphrates, and hyde it in a hole off the rock. 5 So wet I, and hydde it, as the LORDE commaunded me. 6 And it happened longe after this, that the LORDE spake vnto me: Vp, and get the to Euphrates, and fet the breche from thence, which I commaunded the to hyde there. 7 Then went I to Euphrates, and digged vp, and toke the brech from the place where I had hyd it: and beholde, the brech was corrupte, so that it was profitable for nothinge.

Daniel 10:4

4 Vpon the xxiiij. daye of the first moneth, I was by the greate floude, called Tigris:

Genesis 15:18

18 The same daye made the LORDE a couenaut with Abram, and sayde: Vnto thy sede wil I geue this lode, from the water of Egipte, vnto the greate water Euphrates:

Revelation 16:12-15

12 And the sixte angell poured out his vyall vpon the gret ryuer Euphrates, and the water dryed vp, that the waye of the kynges of the Easte shulde be prepared. 13 And I sawe thre vncleane spretes kike frogges come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out off the mouth off the beest, and out off the mouth of the false prophet. 14 For they are the spretes of deuels workynge myracles, to go out vnto the kynges of the earth and of the whole worlde, to gaddre them to the battayle of that gret daye of God allmighty. 15 Beholde, I come as a thefe. Happy is he that watcheth and kepeth his garmentes, lest he be founde naked, and men se his filthynes.

Revelation 9:14

14 sayenge to the sixte angel, which had the trompe: Lowse the foure angels, which are bounde in the greate ryuer Eufrates.

Genesis 2:10-14

10 And out of Eden there wente a ryuer, to water the garden, and there deuyded it selfe into foure heade waters. 11 The first is called Phison, which renneth aboute all the londe of Heuyla. 12 And there is founde golde, (& the golde of that countre is precious,) and there is founde Bedellion, and the precious stone Onix. 13 The second water is called Gihon, which runneth aboute the whole londe of ye Morias. 14 The thirde water is called Hydeckell, which runneth towarde the east syde of ye Assirias. The fourth water is Euphrates.

Revelation 16:12

12 And the sixte angell poured out his vyall vpon the gret ryuer Euphrates, and the water dryed vp, that the waye of the kynges of the Easte shulde be prepared.

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