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Genesis 2:11

11 The name of one is Pison. The same is it that compasseth the whole lande of Hauilah,

Genesis 10:6-20

6 The children of Ham: Cusch & Mizraiim, and Phut and Chanaan. 7 And the chyldren of Cusch: Seba and Hauilah and Sabtha, and Rahma, and Sabthecha. The chyldren of Rahma: Scheba and Dedan. 8 Cusch also begat Nimrod. The same beganne to be myghtye in the erth. 9 For he was a myghtye hunter before the Lorde. Wherfore it is sayde: Euen as Nimrod the myghtie hunter before the Lorde. 10 The begynning of his kyngdome was Babel and Erech and Accad, and Calne, in the londe of Sinhar. 11 Out of that londe came Assur, and buylded Niniue, and the stretes of the citie & Calah. 12 Resen also betwene Niniue and Calah, and it is a greate cite. 13 Mizraiim begat Ludym, & Enamim, & Lehabim, and Nephtuhim. 14 Pathrusim also and Casluhim, out of whom came Philistiim and Capthorim. 15 Chanaan begat at Zidon his fyrst borne sonne, and Heth, 16 & Iebusi, and Emori, & Girgosi. 17 Hahiui also and Haarki and Hassini, 18 and Haaruadi, and Hazmari, and Hahemathi: And afterwarde were the kynreds of the Cananites spred abrode. 19 The border of the Cananites was from Zidon, as thou commest to Gerar vntill Gazan, and as thou goest vnto Sodoma, and Gomora, and Adama, and Zeboiim, euen vnto Lesa. 20 These are the chyldren of Ham in their kynreds, in theyr tonges, countrees and in theyr nacyons.

2 Chronicles 14:12

12 So the Lorde smote the blacke mores before Asa and Iuda, & the blacke mores fled.

Esther 1:1

1 It fortuned in the dayes of Ahasuerus whych raygned from India vnto Ethiopia (ouer an hundreth and seuen and twenty landes)

Isaiah 18:1-7

1 O that lande that trusteth vnder the shadowe of wynges, that lande which is beyonde the waters of Ethiopia: 2 Sending messaungers by the see, euen in vessels of redes ouer the water. Get you hence (ye spedye messaungers) to a nacion that is scatred a brode & robbed of that they had: a fearfull people from their begynning hytherto: a nacion troden downe by lytle and lytle, whose lande the floudes haue spoyled. 3 All ye inhabiters of the worlde and indwellers of the earth, loke vp whan he setteth a token in the mountaynes, and harken whan he bloweth wyth the trompe. 4 For so the Lorde sayde vnto me, as for me, I will take my rest, & loke vpon the matter in my habitacion, lyke a fayre heate after the rayne, & lyke a cloude of dew in the heat of haruest. 5 For afore the haruest, whan the braunche is growne, there shal come ripe frute out of the floure, & he shall cut downe the increace wyth sythes, & the braunches shall he take awaye with hokes. 6 Thus shal they be left together vnto the foules of the mountaynes, and to the beastes of the erth: for in sommer the byrdes shall remayne vpon it, and euery beest of the lande shalbe vpon it in the wynter. 7 In that tyme shal there a present be brought vnto the Lorde of hoostes: euen a people that is scatred abrode, and robbed of that they had, that same people which hath bene fearfull from theyr begynnyng hyther to: a nacyon troden downe by lytle and lytle whose lande the floudes haue spoyled: To the place of the name of the Lord of hoostes, euen to the mount Syon.

Isaiah 45:14

14 Thus sayeth the Lord. The occupiers of Egypt, the marchauntes of the Morians and Sabees, shall come vnto the with tribute, they shalbe thyne, they shall folowe the, and go with cheynes vpon their fete. They shall fall downe before the, and make supplicacyon vnto the. For God (without whom there is none other God) shalbe with the.

Jeremiah 46:9

9 Gett you vp ye horses, rolle forth ye charettes, come forth worthies: ye Morians, ye Libeans with youre bucklers, ye Lideans with your bowes.

Jeremiah 38:7-13

7 So Ieremy stack fast in the myre. Now when Abedmelech the Morian beynge a chamberlayne in the kynges courte, vnderstode, that they had cast Ieremy into the dongeon: 8 he went out of the kynges house, and spake to the kynge, (which then sat vnder the porte of BenIamin) these wordes: 9 My Lorde the kynge, where as these men medle with Ieremye the prophet, they do hym wronge: Namely, in that they haue put him in preson, there to dye of honger, for there is no more bread in the cytie. 10 Then the kynge commaunded Abedmelech the Morian and sayde: Take from hence .xxx. men whom thou wylt, & drawe vp Ieremy the prophet out of the dongeon, before he dye. 11 So Abedmelech toke the men wt him, and went to the house of the kynge, and there vnder the treasurie gatt olde ragges & worne cloutes, and lett them downe by a coarde, into the dongeon to Ieremy. 12 And Abedmelech the Morian sayde vnto the prophet Ieremy: O, put these ragges and cloutes vnder thyne arme holes, betwyxte them and the coardes: & Ieremy dyd so. 13 So they drewe vp Ieremy with coardes & toke him out of the dongeon, & he remayned in the fore entrye of the preson.

Daniel 11:43

43 For thorowe his goynge in, he shall haue dominion ouer the treasures of syluer and golde, and ouer all the precious Iewels of Egypt, Libia and Ethiopia.

Ezekiel 29:10

10 Beholde therfore, I wyll vpon the, and vpon thy waters: I will make the lande of Egypt waste & desolate & in abashment, from the tower of Syenes vnto the borders of the Morians lande:

Amos 9:7-8

7 O ye chyldren of Israel, are ye not vnto me, euen as the Moryans, sayeth the Lorde: haue not I brought Israel out of the lande of Egypte, The Philistynes from Capthor, and the Syrians from Cyr? 8 Beholde, the eyes of the Lorde are vpon the realme that synneth, to rote it clene out of the earth: Neuertheles, I will not vtterly destroye the house of Iacob, sayeth the Lorde.

Nahum 3:6-10

6 I will cast dyrte vpon the, to make the be abhorred, & a gasynge stocke: 7 Yee, all they that loke vpon the, shall starte backe, and saye: Niniue is destroyed. Who will haue pitie vpon the? where shal I seke one to comforte the? 8 Art thou better then the greate cite of Alexandria? that laye in the waters, and had the waters rounde aboute it: which was strongly fenced & walled with the see? 9 Ethiopia & Egipte were her strength & that exceading great, aboue measure. Aphrica & Lybia were her helpers, 10 yet was she dryuen awaye, & brought into captiuite, her yonge chyldren were smitten downe at the head of euery strete, the lottes were cast for the most auncyent men in her, & all her myghtye men were bounde in chaines.

Zephaniah 3:9-13

9 And then wyll I clense the lyppes of the people, that they maye euerychone call vpon the name of the Lorde, and serue him with one shulder. 10 Soche as I haue subdued, and my children also whom I haue scatred abrode, shall brynge me presentes beyonde the waters of Ethiopia. 11 In that tyme shalt thou nomore be confounded, because of all thy ymagynacions, wher thorow thou haddest offended me: for I will take awaye the proude boasters of thyne honour from the, so that thou shalt nomore triumphe because of my holy hyl. 12 In the also wyll I leaue a small poore simple people, which shall trust in the name of the Lord. 13 The remnaunt of Israell shall do no wyckednes, ner speake lyes: nether shall there eny disceatfull tunge be founde in their mouthes. For they shalbe fed, and take their rest, and no man shal make them afrayed.

Numbers 12:1

1 And Mir Iam and Aaron spake agaynst Moses, because of the woman of Inde which he had taken: for he had taken to wyfe one of Inde.

Psalms 68:31

31 Then shall the Prynces come out of Egypte, the Morians land shall soone stretch out her handes vnto God.

Acts 10:34-35

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and sayde: Of a treuth I perceaue that there is no respect of persones with God, 35 but in all people, he that feareth hym, and worketh ryghtewesnes, is accepted with him.

Acts 8:27-31

27 And he arose, & went on. And behold, a man of Ethiopia (a chamberlene, & of greate auctorite with Candace quene of the Ethiopians, & had the rule of al her treasure came to Ierusalem for to worshyp. 28 And as he returned home agayne syttinge in hys charet, he red Esay the prophete. 29 Then the sprete sayd vnto Philip: go neare, and ioyne thy self to yonder charet. 30 And Philip ran to hym, and heard him reade the prophete Esay, and sayd: Understandest thou what thou readest? 31 And he said: How can I, except I had a gyde? And he desyred Philip, that he wolde come vp, and sytt with hym.

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